Democratic People's Republic of Belphenia

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The Democratic People's Republic of Belphenia was the name of a southeastern Ulethan state, now known as the Theocratic People's Kingdom of Belphenia, between 1940 and 2011.

The state was a dictatorship, run by pirate Sasuke Volkman and his lieutenants including Kenneth Ingerhorn, Heidi Law and Laura Gredinger. It was established after Sasuke overthrows Miyake Toshiro and the Belphenian government during the Battle of Seralia Island (1939-1941) on February 29, 1940, ending the 200-year democracy, that led to the plundering of the nation.

The dictatorship collapsed when Belphenians supported the works of Reiko Beard and Erza Beard on exposing the truth about Sasuke's regime and dethroned Sasuke Volkman and his government in a public execution at Olympic Stadium on April 19, 2011, in the north suburbs of Remiville at the end of the 4/05 terrorist attacks.