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Diplomatic relations between Tárrases and other countries in the world are complicated, because of the Tarrasean Duchy's unique feudal protectorate status in relation to Mahhal. Although de facto independent, the Duchy does not maintain formal diplomatic relations with any country, at the ambassador level.

Nevertheless, the country is remarkably active internationally. Large numbers of countries maintain "consulates" or "diplomatic missions" in the Duchy, and the Duchy likewise sends "nonspecific diplomatic representatives" (consuls in all but name) to other countries, where they perform most of the functions of normal ambassadors but without the formal recognition as such. In countries where relations are also established with Mahhal, these representatives are often attached to the Mahhalian embassy as a "special interests section," however, for the many countries that do not have diplomatic relations with Mahhal, these representatives simply work out acceptable arrangements on a case-by-case basis with each country.

Tarrasean passports are in fact de jure Mahhalian passports which happen to be issued by the Tarrasean government, but many countries allow those traveling on Tarrasean passports different privileges than those traveling on Mahhalian passports. This is further complicated by the Tarrasean practice of freely selling a Tarrasean passport (along with Tarrasean "citizenship" - the going rate is only about USD $50,000) to anyone who applies for one. This, combined with the tendency of internationally-inclined Mahhalian citizens to apply for Tarrasean passports (which the Tarrasean agency allows for a very low fee), means that in fact there are more people traveling the world on Tarrasean passports than on Mahhalian passports, despite Tárrases being only 1% of Mahhal in terms of population.

Consulates and Diplomatic Missions from other countries in Tárrases

Temporary note for other OGF users (to be moved eventually to the Talk: page):

If you want to build a consulate or "diplomatic mission" in Tárrases, you are free to do so. You may select any location you want, but you should only place a single node, tagged as following the example below (for the Ardisphere). You may not build a building or set up a compound, firstly because diplomatic missions in Tárrases are likely to be small (in many cases, perhaps only the apartment of the consul!), and secondly because there is no such thing as diplomatic immunity, anyway, so there is no point in creating a compound. For large or important countries, just imagine an office suite in an office tower. Note that Tárrases is especially welcoming to other countries with awkward diplomatic situations, governments-in-exile, etc.

is_in:city=Viejo Tárrases
is_in:neighbourhood=Mezquita Vieja
name=Consulado de la Federación Ardesférica
name:en=Consulate of the Ardispheric Federation
ldata:consul_name=Beatriz de Rojas
ldata:street_address=Plaza Vidriera No 47, Pta 313
ref=Mahhalian Diplomatic Registry DTC-055

Once you have placed your embassy node, you should "enroll" the node in the collection relation of diplomatic missions in Tárrases (relation id 49581), so that it will display in the table below.

List of Diplomatic Missions in Tárrases

This is an experimental dynamic wikitable of OGF data, where data has been retrieved directly from the OGF API URL, using the External Data MediaWiki extension. To edit this data, you have to edit the tags attached to the embassy node on the map, and make sure the node is included in the collection relation (id 49581).

Neighbourhood, District Name Country Address Consul Map

Mezquita Vieja, Viejo Tárrases Luciano Flag FA.png Consulado de la Federación Ardesférica Ardisphere Plaza Vidriera No 47, Pta 313 Beatriz de Rojas Mahhalian Diplomatic Registry DTC-055
Ttomymor, Viejo Tárrases Kojo temporary flag.png Consulado de la República de Coxo Kojo Calle Luna No 41 Igyol-Taérahing Mansol Mahhalian Diplomatic Registry DTC-056
Mezquita Vieja, Viejo Tárrases GobrassanyaFlag01.png Consulado de Gobrasaña Gobrassanya Camino Zohheper No 881, Torre Antárctica Piso 13 Pta 5 Marine Hahamonamoe Mahhalian Diplomatic Registry DTC-059
Mezquita Vieja, Viejo Tárrases Luciano Flag Rhododactylia.png Consulado de Rododactilia Rhododactylia Camino Zohheper No 881, Torre Antárctica Piso 12 Pta 7 Nicholas Fmoongo-Jones Mahhalian Diplomatic Registry DTC-057
Comercio, Puerto Luciano Flag WC.svg Consulado de la Comuña Occidental West Commonia Calle Serpientes No 12 Brunhilþar Moþes Mahhalian Diplomatic Registry DTC-064
Mezquita Vieja, Viejo Tárrases Flag of Guai.svg Consulado General de Guai Guai Camino Zohheper No 881, Torre Antárctica Piso 12 Pta 6 Temi Lasen Mahhalian Diplomatic Registry DTC-060

Tarrasean Diplomatic Missions in other countries

Temporary note for other OGF users (to be moved eventually to the Talk: page):

Feel free to build a Tarrasean diplomatic mission in your country, anywhere you think is appropriate. I would prefer if you place a simple node, tagged similarly to the way you tag diplomatic missions in Tárrases, as above, rather than placing a way or relation. Let me know via a message or on the talk page here.

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