Dominion of Esterlon

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Dominion of Esterlon and Saint-Pierre



Flag 1868-1950

Flag 1950-1971
Flag Coat of arms
God Save the King/Queen

Unity, Justice and Freedom

God save the King/Queen
Capital Norfolk
Languages Ingerish, Native Esterlonian Languages
Government Constitutional monarchy
 • 1868-1917 Arthur IV
 • 1917-1938 Arthur V
 • 1938-1971 Earnest V
Crown Governor
 • 1868-1917 Arthur Parkinson

(Under King Aurthur IV)

 • 1917-1938 William Spencer

(Under King Arthur V)

 • 1938-1940 Charles Roberts

(Under King Earnest V)

Legislature Parliament
 • Upper house Senate
 • Lower house House of Commons
Historical era 1767-1939
 • Dominion & Home Rule Act 26 March 1868
 • Parliament of Saint-Pierre declaires independence, begining the Esterlonian Civil War 21 July 1971
Currency Esterlonian Pound (E£)
Calling code +89
Today part of Esterlonflag1.png Esterlon

Ingerish Commonwealth flag.png Ingerish Commonwealth

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