Dominion of Esterlon

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Dominion of Esterlon



Flag 1868-1950

Flag 1950-1971
Flag Coat of arms
God Save the King/Queen
God save the King/Queen
Capital Norfolk
Languages Ingerish, Native Esterlonian Languages
Government Federal parliamentary Constitutional monarchy
 • 1868-1917 Arthur IV
 • 1917-1938 Arthur V
 • 1938-1971 Earnest V
 • 1868-1917 Arthur Parkinson

(Under King Aurthur IV)

 • 1917-1938 William Spencer

(Under King Arthur V)

 • 1938-1940 Charles Roberts

(Under King Earnest V)

Legislature Parliament
 • Upper house Senate
 • Lower house House of Commons
Historical era 1868-1971
 • Dominion & Home Rule Act 26 March 1868
 • Parliament of Saint-Pierre declaires independence, begining the Esterlonian Civil War 21 July 1971
Currency Esterlonian Pound (E£)
Calling code +89
Today part of Esterlonflag1.png Esterlon

Ingerish Commonwealth flag.png Ingerish Commonwealth

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The Dominion of Esterlon was founded when the House of Commons of the Kingdom of Ingerland signed the Esterlon Acts where the colonies of Esterlon and Saint-Pierre unite under an Ingerish speaking federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy with the King of Ingerland then being proclaimed in the country as the King of Ingerland and Esterlon.

The government in this era still relied on the Ingerish Parliament requiring the House of Lords to sign the bill of any act passed by the Federal government.