Eduard Kaminsky

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"Love" from 1957 - the 12 million Latinian Pound painting

Eduard (or Eduardo) Kaminsky was an latinian painter, famous for his abstract style. He was born 1887 in Vremyn, province Mesa Tinto in Latina. His father was plumber and Eduardo was foreseen to take over the company. So he get a good education and then he studied chemistry in Delta. Here his interests go to the chemical and technical basis of colours and so he begin with small paintings to see, how it looks. From this time he was lost for the craftmanship of plumbers, as his father see.

Therefore the shop of the father later was given to a nephew. Eduardo Kaminsky 1906 - 19 years old - go to Cordoba to finish his studies and in the next years he made a lot of paintings in the old impressionisic style, but sells few of them. From time to time his father come to Cordoba, give him some money and took some paitings back to Vremyn. So there in the early time of Kaminsky in this town are most of his pictures at the walls of the offices of craftsman. 100 Latinian pound was the standard-price for such good looking but epigonal picture.

From the beginning Kaminsky had an other sort of pictures - plain colours, plain geometry, abstract patterns. Only few enthusiasts can take a look to this nearly secret pictures. Some more money Kaminsky then earn with scene-paintings for the theaters. Here he start first to set some new and abstract aspects in the decoration and step by step the public view was changed. 1910 was his first exhibition in Cordoba, together with other "wild" painters and here he first shows his "secret" pictures.

The time was ripe for this new sight. From one day to the other he was at the avantgarde. He too had a lucky hand at the marketing of this pictures and around 1920 he was a well known artist. From 1930 til 1954 he was teacher at the school of painting art ("Bellas Artes") in Latina (Cidudad) at Campo las Alondeas. Now he can paint, what he want and the poeple take it at high price.

1957 he painted "Love", a great picture 4 m to 2,5 m, for the main hall of the Senat of Latina and the state pays therefore 12 millions of Latinian Pound, the most expensive picture, for which the republic ever paid.

Eduard Kaminsky died 1965 - 78 years old. He was married four times and has six children.