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Municipality in Principado de Vega
Status Regional Capital
Region ErasoFlag.PNG Bailía de Eraso
Province Eraso
Elevation 11 m
Demonym Erasian
Population 1,723,701 (2014)
Major airport Aeropuerto Internacional Eraso-Bolduque
National Highways  A4   A12   A46   A47 
Train Station Eraso EC
Metro Metro de Eraso

Eraso is the second city in population and importance in Vega, and its main port. It is the capital of the Bailía de Eraso, one of the old traditional regions in the country. The city is among the oldest in the country. The population got over 1.7 million for the first time in the last census, and its conurbation is around 2,5 million inhabitants. Its airport, Aeropuerto Internacional de Eraso-Bolduque, is 30 km far from the city center, halfway to Bolduque. It is a very industrial city, but in the last decade new activities have been promoted, especially tourism, attracted by the city life and the wilderness of the Costa Salvaje, not far from the city.