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Fabio Megontis was a famous latinian football-player. From 1938 til 1961 he was the goalkeeper of the national team of Latina and played 156 times for his land. 1937 to 1962 he was the keeper of FC Juniores Sur. Fabio Megontis plays his whole carriere only for one club.


Fabio was born 16.4.1920 in the Calle Bonboniere (now Calle Fabio Megontis) in the workers quartiers of Barrio # 8 (Sur) of Latina (Cidudad). He lost his father, the seaman Sergio Megontis, as he was four years old. Two years later his mother Claudia married Ernesto Higoz, a plumber and too player in the club of Juniores Sur. So Fabio found the way to the football game. First he run as forward. He was good with the ball, has an exact eye - but he was not fast enought and so he shot only few goals. As he was 14, in a game the goalkeeper was injured and so the trainer of the team says to Fabio, to keep the goal. In short time was clear, that here was his real talent. 1937 he played at the first time in the ligue-team, only 17 years old.


From 1937 to 1944 were the 8 seasons, that the club won the national championship eight times in serie. 1938 the national team make the third place at the OGF-World championship. Here Fabio Megontis plays first for the national team. 1954 - meanwhile 34 years - he was the national keeper, as Latina won the OGF-pot. Til 1962 he was the keeper of his club, then 42 years old. After the season 1961/62 he retired. He has made in 24 years for his club 579 games.

In the season 1943/44 in 17 plays he hold his box clean. But in the last 18th game FC Juniores Sur lost against Astoria 09 in Van Pelt city 2:0. But with the last 5 games of the season before he has til today the record of 22 games in serie without to catch a goal. He always playes in grey. Later other goalkeeper of the league, who played in grey too, take an other colour, when the team plays agains the Juniores as sign of honour for this excellent man.

Fobio Megontis was ever a fair sportsman. Only on time 1958 he was send off the grass, as in a play against FC Redondo 20 minutes no ball came up his goal and then he lean at the goal and smoke a cigarette. For this not fair geste he was sent off and the "Deporte Latina" write: ".. why, Fabio ..."

Later life

From 1962 he work in his learned profession as car-mechanicen. Some years he was in the motorsport-team of Berger & Hernandez. In the LFA (Latinian Football Associacion) then he was in the court of arbitration til his death 1999. He died with 79 years and is buried at the cemetery "Honor de Patria".


Fabio Megontes was since 1942 married with Fernanda Gonzales 57 years til his death. Both have 2 daughters and one son, who did not play professional football. He and his family lived always in the home of his youth in the Calle Bonboniere, which was 2000 named in Calle Fabio Megontes.