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11, 34.92131, 113.27258
City of Fenelec
Ville de Fenelec
Municipal city
 • RegionCentre
 • ProvinceFeneix
Ethnic GroupsAtaraxians (72%), Kojolese (11%), Kagans (6%), Wiwaxians (3%), Other (8%)
DemonymFenelese (Ataraxian: Finélois)
 • MayorVictor Viané
 • Census (2015)1,022,362 (metro)
Metro1 line
Tram2 lines

Fenelec is the largest city in the Feneix province and third-largest city in the Centre region of the Federation of Ataraxia. A municipal city, Fenelec is part of and serves as the prefecture of Feneix.

Fenelec is at the heart of a metropolitan area of 1 million people, the 9th largest in Ataraxia. It serves as a transporation and commerce hub for a larger area of several million people, extending into nearby provinces and the neighboring countries of Kojo and Kaga.


Fenelec is known for being relatively wealthy and prominent for its size. It hosts the headquarters of the Planetary Health Organization, as well as elite schools including the Ecole Médicale.

Fenelec serves as the headquarters for several national and multinational corporations, some of which are part of the AX50 stock exchange index:

  • Alphavie (biotech & pharmaceutical research)
  • CAR (trainset manufacturing)
  • Centres Santeix (healthcare facilities)


Transports de Feneix operates an extensive public transportation network, with 1 metro line, 2 tramway lines and bus service. COFAX operates local, national and international rail services from the Gare Internationale de Fenelec.

Feneix Gateway Airport is an international airport with flights mainly within Eastern Uletha.