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City in the Confederate States of Mergany
Population 198 470 (2002)

Fiorentia is a city in and oversea territory of Mergany. It is located at the Gulf of Preya with direct access to the Ardentic Ocean and bordered to Raiden and Orinoco.

City districts

  • Auroia (11.3 km²)
  • Betricia (2.7 km²)
  • Camunia (0.4 km²)
  • Elania (1.9 km²)
  • Estgioria (11.8 km²)
  • Francesia (3.6 km²)
  • Giadia (4.6 km²)
  • Guia (2.2 km²)
  • Ludovica (3.4 km²)
  • Marinia (5.5)
  • Nolia (3.6 km²)
  • Ovestgioria (3.9 km²)
  • Sudgioria (1.3 km²)
  • Viloia (3.3 km²)
  • Vittoria (6.8 km²)

Military base

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Tidal power plant Fiorentia Fridericiana University