Foley-Fillmore International Airport

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Z13, -41.8237 °S, 143.7964 °E
Wallawaukee Foley-Fillmore International Airport

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Basic information
Country Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States
City Wallawaukee, Seneppi (located in Mashkode)
Began operation 1949
Passengers TBD
Aircraft operations TBD
Direction Length
 ?L/?R  ?m
 ?R/?L  ?m
 ?/?  ?m
 ?/?  ?m
Number Length
Highways SN-320, SN-654
Metro lines Red Line

Foley-Fillmore International Airport (WAAT: WFF, ANACA: BAWF) is the primary airport serving the Wallawaukee-Brighston-Trenchent metro area in Seneppi. It is a major hub for air travel in the Grand Lakes and southern Federal States. WFF was originally a military airstrip built in 1933 and was reconstructed in the late 1940s as a modern replacement for the aging and much lower capacity Vernon International Airport, which had formerly been Wallawaukee's main airport. Foley-Fillmore has since been expanded substantially, with one large international terminal and three domestic terminals (with Terminal D exclusively for flySmart, which uses Wallawaukee as a main hub).


The first part of the airport to exist was the now-south-cargo area, originally the Northeast Seneppi Airstrip built for military use in 1933.

The airport opened for civilian use in 1949 under the name Foley-Fillmore Airfield (named after General Patrick Foley-Fillmore), with the North Terminal (today's Terminal B), with an east and west concourse straddling Terminal Parkway, and a parking deck (today's North Terminal Parking Deck) to support the terminal. South Terminal (today's Terminal C), with a similar design and directly attached to the North Terminal, was completed in 1958.

Plans for major renovations, an airport tram, and a new state of the art northern international terminal were drawn up in 1976 as the existing terminals were aging and Wallawaukee continued to boom. The modern then-two-concourse Terminal A would open in 1987, alongside the extension of the Red Line metro route to the airport and a major expansion of the North Terminals Parking Deck to support Terminal A. The airport would officially become Foley-Fillmore International Airport, North Terminal and South Terminal would be renamed Terminal B and Terminal C, and major renovations including brand new central lobbies above Terminal Parkway were completed in 1990, alongside the opening of the terminal-side AirTram (which has stops within those central lobbies).

A new South Terminals Parking Deck to better support Terminal B and C was completed in 1992, and the airside FlightTram for connections between terminals would be constructed in 1995. In 2003, a new consolidated rental car center was completed, along with a renovation of the airport transit center and extension of the AirTram to serve all remote parking lots and employee parking. A final AirTram extension funded largely by companies with area hotels and private parking lots was completed in 2010, connecting to the Hotel City area, private parking lots, and a WUTARegional commuter rail transfer station.

In 2013, construction of a new Terminal D was completed, becoming an exclusive terminal for flySmart, which moved in from Vernon International Airport. Additional renovations to Terminals A, B, and C were completed in 2014, and in 2015, construction of a new North Concourse for Terminal A was completed, nearly doubling international capacity. An international layover hotel and lounge within the Terminal A complex are currently under construction and should be completed by summer 2021.

Inside the remodeled Terminal C.


Airline Destination
flySmart (Domestic)

Dennison, Sierra; Jundah-Stuart, Tauhon; Lake City, Minnonigan; Lemmington, Tulpanen; Miller, Walkegan; Franklinsburgh, Seneppi; Burton, Passamaqueets; Stanton Fiorino, New Carnaby; Warwick, Penquisset; Monabad-Eau-Sable, Manara; Kennedy, Nipewa

flySmart (International) Meridian, Ambrosia; Saint Armand, Larignon, and Belmont; Ardencia
Federal Airlines

Stanton (Stanton Intl. and Fiorino), New Carnaby; Jundah-Stuart, Tauhon; Ann'harbor, Oakley; Huntington, Capital District

EasternWings Stanton Intl., New Carnaby; Lake City, Minnonigan
FreedemiAir Khaiwoon; Quentinsburgh, Freedemia

Ground Transportation

Foley-Fillmore Airport Transit Center acts as the main hub for a variety of transit modes including subway, local bus, commuter rail, and intercity bus.

Foley-Fillmore Airport Transit Center

Public Transit

Red Line Metro

The WUTA Red Line metro stops at the North Terminals Parking Deck to serve the terminals and at the Foley-Fillmore Airport Transit Center. The WFF AirTram connects both stations to all terminals, rental car center, and all remaining parking. The Red Line runs to downtown Wallawaukee, acting as the most direct local public transit service from downtown to the terminals.

WUTAregional Commuter Rail

Two WUTAregional lines serve the airport. The TAC, Trenchent-Airport Connector, stops at Foley-Fillmore Airport Transit Center and runs to Vernon International Airport for connecting passengers, Hurston, Ellenwood, and Trenchent. The SPW, Shannonaw-Pertersweld Line, stops at the Foley-Fillmore HSR Station south of the airport, running to Shannonaw and Pertersweld in one direction and Eastside Station in downtown Wallawaukee in the other. (The TAC also briefly stops at Foley-Fillmore HSR Station.)

WUTA buses

Wallawaukee Urban Transit Authority buses primarily serve the Foley-Fillmore Airport Transit Center. A select set of buses connect to the terminals as well, usually express buses.

ConnectSeneppi AirportDirect

The AirportDirect, part of ConnectSeneppi's intercity commuter rail system, stops at Foley-Fillmore Airport Transit Center and Foley Fillmore HSR Station before running nonstop express to Sutter Station in downtown Wallawaukee, allowing for a business-class fast connection to other ConnectSeneppi intercity lines as well as to regional and long distance rail lines and Redfox Trailway lines that don't stop at Foley-Fillmore Airport Transit Center.

LakeLynx High Speed Rail

Foley-Fillmore is indirectly served by LakeLynx High Speed Rail from Wallawaukee Sutter Station to Lake City, Minnonigan and San Alonzo, Wahauja. LakeLynx stops at a station known as Foley-Fillmore HSR located at the end of the airport tram and with WUTAregional service.

Redfox Trailways/Intercity Bus

Redfox Trailways, Cheetah Buses, etc have a bus station also within the Foley-Fillmore Airport Transit Center. While not all intercity buses through Wallawaukee stop at the airport, many do to allow a more direct connection for those flying in through Foley-Fillmore and taking the bus to other cities.


Foley-Fillmore International Airport is located just off SN-320 on Foley-Fillmore Parkway, an extension of SN-654/SN-754. The SN-654 connects the airport to the SN-350, and the SN-754 connects to ? (SN-16) and the Wallawaukee Toll Byway (FS-220/FS-281).

Short-term and higher-priced parking is available in the North Terminals Parking Deck and the South Terminals Parking Deck, while the AirTram connects to more affordable and more long-term remote parking as well as parking for airport employees. Additional private parking is located further south on ?.

The consolidated rental car center is also connected to terminals by the AirTram for passengers that need to rent a car upon flying in.