Football (Soccer) in Freedemia

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Soccer is quite popular in Freedemia. It is generally considered the third most popular sport in the country, after foosball and baseball.


Most middle and high schools in Freedemia have soccer teams. The high school teams are usually in organized leagues by region.

College Level

Every major college has a team in the Freedemian College Soccer League. Often, players that go on to the Freedemian Soccer League begin in the college league.

National Level- Freedemian Soccer League

Freedemia has a national soccer association known as the Freedemian Soccer League. There are teams from almost every large city or region in the country, such as the Quentinsburgh Swift, headquarted in L. Vera Stadium.

The FSL was created in 1910 with 4 teams- Quentinsburgh Swift, Highfield, Vandover, and Laneston. By 1940 other major cities had joined in (Franklinsburgh, Trenchent, Graham City, etc) and the old Highfield team had moved to San Grande. The league now has about 16 teams and is home to world class soccer.

Up until 1994, there were two separate leagues for men and women, the FMSL and the FWSL. However, in 1995, both leagues became both men and women. The Freedemian Men's Soccer League became the Freedemian Upper Soccer League (major leagues for men and women) and the Freedemian Women's Soccer League became the Freedemian Lower Soccer League (still major league and both men and women, but for lower level players).

Annual Playoffs and Championships are played at Spectrum Geolympiad Stadium (map) in Quentinsburgh, where multiple games can occur at once due to the 5 stadium design (4 soccer style stadiums, 1 center arena usually used for other large events)

International Level

Before 1992, Freedemia was huge in the WAFO World Cup, though they never really succeeded (In 2006 they came in 4th place, their best run in history).

Freedemia has seen the most success in the Intercup, a highly regarded international mixed gender football/soccer competition. Freedemia boycotted the WAFO World Cup in 1996 and the OGFIFA Women's World Cup in 1998 after the successful 1992 inaugural Intercup, as a statement against gender discrimination in sports. They have participated ever since, but amidst large opposition and controversy.

Freedemian Freebirds

Freedemia's national team, lovingly known as the Freebirds but officially just the U.F.U. National Soccer Team, is a mixed gender team. Currently, the main team has 7 women and 3 men, with 2 men and 1 woman as substitute players.