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Work in progress This list is incomplete. It will be expanded in the future.

Football is the most popular sport in Goytakanya. Is played in the island since 1956, when workers from Cariocas went to Bhagurah working in ferryboats.

National League

Teams in Goytakano league
There is a semi-profissional national league in the country since 1985, counting with 12 teams from all districts of the island, except Ylera and Vranysha. There is not a second level or regional leagues, and relegations or promotions.

There is a football pitch in Vranysha and a club named "Valensya" in the island, but there are not players enough to be used in the team. In Ylera, there is not even a football pitch.

Each of the 12 teams in the league hosts every other team once in the regular season, for a total of 22 matches between June and December. Teams are ranked by total points, then by total wins and finally by goal difference, number of scored goals, number of away goals and number of away wins. If teams are still in the same level, a extra match is played in two legs to determine the final order in the standings.

Due the economical situation and the semi-profissionalism at the sport, is not unusual players having other jobs in days without matches. Even this way, there are some foreigner players in the league, helping the development of the sport in the island. Is OK if a team get some sponsors.

There is a big rivalry between teams from capital district/ west Goytakanya and Grakteh district/ east Goytakanya, but the strongest ones are between teams from the same cities (Rapyd and Maxyma, from capital Bhagurah, and Lybera and Ygnea, from Grakteh).

Ranking of Champions

From the 12 teams, only 4 never won the league. Rapyd Bhagurah is the top winner, with 11 titles

Club Titles Most recent
Rapyd Bhagurah 11 2014
Ygnea Grakteh 8 2012
Turbyna Berysha 3 2015
Grymyo Karamau 3 2009
Vyktorya Muryram 2 2010
Vyolette Ramazam 1 1997
Egnatya Sytysha 1 1996
Pegasus Bendera 1 1991

Hall of Champions

Year Winner Year Winner Year Winner Year Winner
1985 Grymyo Karamau 1995 Ygnea Grakteh 2005 Ygnea Grakteh 2015 Turbyna Berysha
1986 Rapyd Bhagurah 1996 Egnatya Sytysha 2006 Ygnea Grakteh 2016 xx
1987 Rapyd Bhagurah 1997 Vyolette Ramazam 2007 Rapyd Bhagurah 2017 xx
1988 Rapyd Bhagurah 1998 Ygnea Grakteh 2008 Rapyd Bhagurah 2018 xx
1989 Rapyd Bhagurah 1999 Ygnea Grakteh 2009 Grymyo Karamau 2019 xx
1990 Grymyo Karamau 2000 Rapyd Bhagurah 2010 Vyktorya Muryram 2020 xx
1991 Pegasus Bendera 2001 Rapyd Bhagurah 2011 Turbyna Berysha 2021 xx
1992 Rapyd Bhagurah 2002 Vyktorya Muryram 2012 Ygnea Grakteh 2022 xx
1993 Rapyd Bhagurah 2003 Turbyna Berysha 2013 Rapyd Bhagurah 2023 xx
1994 Ygnea Grakteh 2004 Ygnea Grakteh 2014 Rapyd Bhagurah 2024 xx

A curious fact: Lybera Grakteh, considered one of the main clubs of the league, never got a national title. In 30 seasons, was the 2nd place 12 times.

Clubs in continental tournaments

Since 1990, the national champions is qualified to Uletha Champions League, and the second place, to Uletha Clubs Cup, both in the preliminar rounds. Usually they are eliminated in the first round, but there are exceptions.

Uletha Champions League

In 1998, Ygnea Grakteh was the first goytakano club passing the first round, eliminating (some club from ???), but being eliminated by (some club from Lallemand) in next stage. The best result was in 2009 and 2013, when, respectively Grymyo Karamau and Rapyd Bhagurah reached the groups rounds, after passed three preliminar rounds, but losing all the matches in groups stage.

Work in progress This list is incomplete. It will be expanded in the future.

Uletha Clubs Cup

In 2001, Turbyna Berysha reached the second preliminar round, after won (some club from ??). Ten years later, Rapyd Bhagurah got the best result of a goytakano club in international tournaments, finishing in 5th place, after won better clubs as Puerto Geo United, from GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya and even FC Gragoatá, from Flag itc1.png Cariocas, being defeated by (some club from ??), wich came to be the champion of the tournament that season.

Work in progress This list is incomplete. It will be expanded in the future.

Notable Players

In the history, Radmar Em Zamalesk was the first scorer in the OGFIFA-era and the top-scorer of all the times. Retired in 2008, he got 13 goals, but Endryt Ek Kovalesko, the 22 years old midfielder from Turbyna Berysha, is only 4 goals to this mark, and still playing.

Ylyon Eb Varozmyr and Jetmyr Ek Dybra was the firsts goytakano players to play in foreigner leagues. In 1998, Varozmyr played in Real Total and Dybra, in Deportivo Ipanema, both from the 3rd national level from Cariocas. Klazer Ek Zeseveko was the first one playing in a top level foreigner league, in 2008, by Ultramar, from Piratiba, in Cariocas.

Baron Vaea, the gobrassi player Golden Ball Prize winner in 2002, is the most famous who ever played in Goytakano league, in 2009, by Grymyo Karamau. But is still mentioned the players from Cariocas Catarino Luzio, first top scorer of the league, in 1985, by Rapyd Bhagurah, Tonio Cefete, the bigger top scorer of the league, with 23 goals in 2007 season by Ygnea Grakteh, and Kevin Quissama, who played his entire carreer in goytakano clubs.

But the most notable player is Ras Em Vallarka, coincidentally , the king's nephew. Retired in 2014, he played and won titles in some of the main football leagues of the world, as Brasonia and Karolia.

National Team

Infobox football goyta.png
Despite the league was founded officially in 1985, The Real Phederasyon Goytakano Phutbol (Real Goytakano Football Federation) got affiliation to WAFO only in 2000.

The first official match was played in 26 April 2000, at Stadyum Nasyonal in Bhagurah. Goytakanya lose to Cariocas by 5x1, and Radmar Em Zamalesk scored the first goal in the official history.

The first victory was in 01 May 2002, when Goytakanya won Lallemand by 2x1 in Avewood.

Before OGFIFA affiliation, Goytakanya played only 5 matches, being 3 matches with cariocas clubs and 2 against workers companies teams.

Goytakanya rarely plays against countries from so far. In these 42 matches, 10 was against Flag itc1.png Cariocas, counting 4 matches against clubs. Its because Goyatakanya got a agreement with Cariocas about economical and sportive development.

Still about this agreement, Goytakanya played 14 times in Bhagurah, but 13 times it was in Cariocas cities or towns, even against rivals far from Cariocas. In these cases, the trip costs are paid by Cariocas football federation, helping the sportive development of the country.

From the begining of the agreement, some cariocas coaches joined the Goytakano Federation and football teams too. Currently, since 2013, the coach is the carioca ex-midfielder Tonio Motinha.

Even with so much help, Goytakanya is far from the best national teams level.

In all the history of the national team:

  • From April 2000 to August 2015, Goytakanya played 42 matches.
  • Goytakanya won 8, drawn 8 and lose 27 matches.
  • There was 64 goals for and 126 goals against.
  • Its better result was a victory by 4x0 in Ōbaku, Gobrassanya, against the districtal team of Lonowai Islands in 09 October 2013.
  • Its worse result in all its history was 1x7 to Brasonia in 26 April 2012.
  • The currently top-scorer is Radmar Em Zamalesk (2000-2008), counting 13 goals.
  • Goytakanya played only 2 tournaments in all its official history till today. Both was Uletha Cup, in 2008 and 2010 editions.

The first home kit was all black, symbolizing the silent war against Suvuma, and the away kit was all green, symbolizing hope, but in 2001 the national federation decided about a no-political use of the sport and changed the kits.

In the federation headquarter, there is a room, open to visitors, with shirts and tickets of all the matches the national team played, even in the pre-OGFIFA era.

All the Matches

Date Ground Score Goalscorers Notes Date Ground Score Goalscorers Notes
26 April 2000 Bhagurah, Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya 1x5 Flag itc1.png Cariocas Zamalesk (1) Friendly 11 September 2009 Bhagurah, Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya 0x3 Flag itc1.png Cariocas no one Friendly
04 May 2000 Bhagurah, Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya 1x3 Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon Yhyd (1) Friendly 12 october 2009 Bhagurah, Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya 1x3 Lost country.png Řots Makaryah (1) Friendly
10 May 2000 Puerto Geo, GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya 2x2 GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya Groblynka (1), Bogomyr (1) Friendly 02 May 2010 Bhagurah, Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya 1x4 Flag itc1.png Cariocas Mukerjeh (1) Friendly
07 September 2001 Paranabi, Flag itc1.png Cariocas 0x4 Flag itc1.png Cariocas no one Friendly 07 September 2010 Escala, FLAGMECY.png Mecyna 2x4 FLAGMECY.png Mecyna Bekarya (1), Kabaddeh (1) Friendly
26 January 2002 Escala, FLAGMECY.png Mecyna 3x3 FLAGMECY.png Mecyna Zamalesk (2), Bogomyr (1) Friendly 15 November 2010 Leluwa, OnnutuFlag.png Onnutu 0x0 OnnutuFlag.png Onnutu no one Uletha Cup
01 May 2002 Bhagurah, Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya 2x1 Lallemand flag.png Lallemand Zamalesk (2) Friendly 20 November 2010 Bhagurah, Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya 2x2 OnnutuFlag.png Onnutu Balabba (1), Kandohar (1) Uletha Cup
25 August 2003 Villa Constitución, Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere 3x6 Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere Zamalesk (2), Varozmyr (1) Friendly 25 November 2010 Marapura, GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya 2x4 GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya Gambyel (1), Radamar (1) Uletha Cup
09 October 2003 Ōbaku, GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya 4x0 Lonowai team, GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya Zamalesk (3), Bogomyr (1) Friendly 01 March 2011 Itacolomi, Flag itc1.png Cariocas 3x3 Template:Mahhal Bogomyr (2), Radamar (1) Friendly
12 June 2004 Bhagurah, Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya 0x3 2band lusland.png Luslandia no one Friendly 05 May 2011 Itacolomi, Flag itc1.png Cariocas 2x5 2band slovech.png Belgravia Zambrysha (1), Manaher (1) Friendly
07 September 2004 Slovech, 2band slovech.png Belgravia 3x5 2band slovech.png Belgravia Dybra (2), Zamalesk (1) Friendly 15 November 2011 Itacolomi, Flag itc1.png Cariocas 2x0 OnnutuFlag.png Onnutu Dybra (1), Mandola (1) Friendly
26 April 2005 Khaiwoon, Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon 0x5 Karolia flag.png Karolia no one Friendly 25 December 2011 Khaiwoon, Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon 2x1 FLAGMECY.png Mecyna Bekadeh (1), Malko (1) Friendly
05 July 2006 Bhagurah, Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya 0x2 Dep.Itabi, Flag itc1.png Cariocas no one Friendly 01 April 2012 Itacolomi, Flag itc1.png Cariocas 0x2 Lallemand flag.png Lallemand no one Friendly
12 July 2006 Khaiwoon, Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon 1x6 Latflag.png Latina Kanyga (1) Friendly 26 April 2012 Baía Azul, 2band brasonia.jpg Brasonia 1x7 2band brasonia.jpg Brasonia Byllakeh (1) Friendly
03 April 2007 Bhagurah, Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya 1x0 Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon Kanyga (1) Friendly 04 May 2012 Nekkar, Lost country.png Řots 1x4 Lost country.png Řots Latokhan (1) Friendly
20 April 2007 Bhagurah, Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya 1x2 Flag-of-Delta.PNG Neo Delta Baryem (1) Friendly 09 May 2012 Bhagurah, Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya 1x2 Lost country.png Řots Endyan (1) Friendly
05 December 2008 Bhagurah, Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya 3x3 Cascande-flag.png Cascande Zamalesk (2), Kanyga (1) Friendly 12 June 2012 Itacolomi, Flag itc1.png Cariocas 3x5 FLAGZYL.png Zylanda Kovalesko (3) Friendly
10 December 2008 Tsakuna, Cascande-flag.png Cascande 2x2 Cascande-flag.png Cascande Baverym (1), Kanyga (1) Uletha Cup 01 June 2013 Itacolomi, Flag itc1.png Cariocas 1x0 FLAGMECY.png Mecyna Kovalesko (1) Friendly
13 December 2008 Gragoatá, Flag itc1.png Cariocas 1x3 Lallemand flag.png Lallemand Dryenko (1) Uletha Cup 26 February 2014 Gragoatá, Flag itc1.png Cariocas 1x3 Cruzeiro, Flag itc1.png Cariocas Kovalesko (1) Friendly
17 December 2008 Itacolomi, Flag itc1.png Cariocas 1x3 Flag itc1.png Cariocas Dymokhat (1) Uletha Cup 09 October 2014 Paranabi, Flag itc1.png Cariocas 3x1 Defensor, Flag itc1.png Cariocas Kovalesko (1) Friendly
23 April 2009 Avewood, Lallemand flag.png Lallemand 2x5 Lallemand flag.png Lallemand Dymokhat (1), Gumbehar (1) Friendly 03 May 2015 Itacolomi, Flag itc1.png Cariocas 4x2 Atl.Capital, Flag itc1.png Cariocas Bulokhat (2), Kovalesko (2) Friendly
01 August 2009 Bhagurah, Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya 0x0 Balam utz flag.png Balam-Utz no one Friendly 30 August 2015 Itacolomi, Flag itc1.png Cariocas 1x4 Flag itc1.png Cariocas Klasteh (1) Friendly

Current National Team

The current squad is:

Number Name Position Club
1 Bhadura Eb Kanystara GK GD Benfica, Flag itc1.png Cariocas (2nd level)
2 Ogdany Em Guedalla DF Egnatya Sytysha, Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya
3 Erlynd Eb Zmyjany DF Pegasus Bendera, Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya
4 Bhadura Eb Lapukhet DF Sto.Afonso, 2band brasonia.jpg Brasonia (2nd level)
5 Hakym Eb Keravala DF Puerto Geo United, GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya (top level)
6 Aramyah Ek Bulokhat MF Rio Forte, 2band brasonia.jpg Brasonia (2nd level)
7 Armuham Em Klasteh FW Grymyo Karamau, Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya
8 Ylyr Eb Gyzmandeh MF Vyktorya Muryram, Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya
9 Darlyen Ek Myhany FW Rapyd Bhagurah, Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya
10 Endryt Ek Kovalesko MF Turbyna Berysha, Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya
11 Ermal Eb Lorenko MF Ygnea Grakteh, Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya
18 Meglyd Eb Febulahu DF Rapyd Bhagurah, Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya
22 Grabuyah Eb Asketum GK Rapyd Bhagurah, Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya
23 Sajmyr Ek Butarraja MF Vyktorya Muryram, Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya
32 Bajram Eb Blosyam DF Ygnea Grakteh, Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya
33 Myrel Eb Vloresym DF Ōbaku Paradise, GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya (top level)
43 Magonys Eb Tahbekah FW Egnatya Sytysha, Goy-flag-alternative.png Goytakanya
60 Klazer Ek Zeseveko MF Gilagonas, FLAGMECY.png Mecyna (top level)