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The Freedin (symbol Ӻ, code FRD), formerly known as the Freedemian Dollar, is the primary official currency of Freedemia. It is pegged to the Tarephian Tare, a currency used by many Tarephia Cooperation Council nations.

Bills/ Banknotes

An example of the old 50 Freedemian dollar banknote before redesign, seen as notoriously bad among Freedemians. Old Freedemian dollar banknotes are still accepted and worth the same as the Freedin banknotes, but expect the cashier to comment on you paying with the "crappy bills".


List of Bills/Banknotes

An example of the design of the rears of Freedin banknotes.
  • Ӻ1- Black and White, Family (Grayscale for cheaper printing.)
  • Ӻ5- Green, Unity
  • Ӻ10- Blue, Green Energy/Environment
  • Ӻ25- Red, Nature- national flower, the Cantua
  • Ӻ50- Bronze, Nature- a beloved bird, the Freedemian blue-headed parakeet
  • Ӻ100- Gold, Justice/Ethics








The Freedin also breaks down into smaller coin units known as freedin cents (symbol Ӷ), usually just called cents. Due to the fact that there is no longer a one cent coin, as it was discontinued in 1980, prices round up to the nearest 5 cents.

List of Coins

  • Ӷ5- Five freedin cent coin, sometimes called a FiveCoin
  • Ӷ10- Ten freedin cent coin, sometimes called a TenCoin
  • Ӷ20- Twenty freedin cent coin, aka a Fifth-Freedin
  • Ӷ50- Fifty freedin cent coin, aka a Half-Freedin

List of Discontinued coins

  • Ӷ1- One freedin cent coin, sometimes called a OneCoin