Gulf of Preya

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Gulf of Preya

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Gulf of Preya
LocationEastern Ulethan mediterranean sea
Ocean/Sea sourcesArdentic Ocean, Scythian Sea
Basin countriesFlag of Anisora.png Anisora
Mergany Flag.png Mergany
OrinocoFlag01 111614.png Orinoco
Major citiesPena
Valgary City

The Gulf of Preya is an oceanic basin that is a southwestward extension of the Scythian Sea. It is surrounded entirely by parts of the Ulethan continent and serves as an interior gulf off the Ardentic Ocean. The bordering countries are (in clockwise order) Orinoco, Eurell, Palaseskia, Anisora and UL014. Its Ingerish name is of unknown origin. Major ports include the port of Valgary on the eastern and Pena on the western coast.