Hifnakian Language

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Native speakers13.200.000
Language familyProto-Uletarephian
  • Gaermanic
    • North Gaermanic
      • Northwestern Gaermanic
        • Old Hifnakian
          • Hifnakian
DialectsUzkesh Hifnakian
Øland Hifnakian
Standard formsRigshifnakisk
Traditionel Hifnakisk
Writing systemRomantish Script
Official status
Official language inAN Flag.png Assembly of Nations,
Regulated byHifnakiens Sprognævn

. The Hifnakian Language or in Hifnakian, det Hifnakiske Sprog is a North-Gaerman Language spoken primarily in Hifnakia.


The beginning of the language began in around 560 AD, where there was a main language, Hifnakian Romantish (Lenguan Romantica Ebnacaea). The North-Gaerman languages began splitting up in 560, and a new, Hifnakian language arose. It was called Toñga Evnakishca.

It began developing to Old Hifnakian in 792, where it was called Sprøta Hefnakiska.

Then in 1025, Khariyan Hifnakian, or called Middle Hifnakian evolved, and it was called Dilansprogga Hifnakiyya. It was highly influenced by Personic and Arabique languages.

In 1566, Middle Hifnakian evolved to Early Modern Hifnakian. Sproet Hefnakisk. The Personic and Arabique loanwords were replaced by Nether-Kalmish words.

In 1601, a vowel shift began, some words swapped place, and Hifnakian splitted in two, Traditional Hifnakian, Sprovet Hiefnakisk and Sultanic Hifnakian, Die Hifnakiske Sproige. More NK words entered Hifnakian.

In 1798, the vowel shift ended, and Traditional Hifnakian did not really change much, since it was literary Sprogjet Hifnakisk, and Sultanic Hifnakian evolved to Pre-Modern Hifnakian Dett' Hifnakiske Sprog, somewhat what it looks like today. Mostly Franquese and Kalmish words entered the vocabulary.

In 1901, PMH evolved to Modern Hifnakian and to this day, mostly Ingerish loanwords entered the vocabulary.


Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
Traditional Hifnakian:
Almenneske er plejt frie oc lie i deinitiet oc ret. Die er med grund oc beviste oc skal ager hinand med broderscab.
Alle mennesker er født frie og lige i værdighed og ret. De er med fornuft og samvittighed, og de bør agere mod hverandre i broderskabets ånd.
Pre-Modern Hifnakian:
Al mennesker er fødte Fri og Ilig værdigt med Rets. Die er med Fornuften og Vittighedsamskab, og de maa og bør Agere med andre og Alle i Aandet af Broderskab.