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The present highway network in St Austell, Vodeo was established in February 1929 when the Provincial Roads Board (the predecessor of the Department of Roads and the SA Roads Authority) established the basis of the existing St Austellian main road system. Provincial highways are marked by a white shield with black outline and black numbering; on maps provincial highways are almost always marked with the shield, although in some cases the highway is listed in the "SA nn" format to differentiate St Austellian highways with those of other provinces (for example, SA 1 and SA 20).

Highway table

Highway From To Via Length
 1  Dornier North Harbour, Saviso, Airdrie, Tillotsons Bay Former route of Highway 1 before the completion of the  M1  motorway through the province.
Concurrent with  M1  across the Saviso Harbour Bridge.
 2  Pontefract Saviso, Kendalltown, Cunard Bay, Cowes, Aberfeldy, Wahala Main port road and link to western suburbs.
 3  Medbury Fyanstown, Silverwater, Casserres Silverwater Road; main arterial link between Saviso and Silverwater.
 4  Cranks Bay Wayford Javins Flat, Harcourt Bay, Pontefract, Stokes Beach, Meredith, Favona 20 East coast road linking a number of main eastern suburbs. Concurrent with  A7  for a short length of Mill Road.
 4  designation along Adie Park Drive to Wildwood Road was revoked in 2005.
 5  Cowes Wayford Morningville, Ledesma, Ingraham, Fyanstown, Zepeasan Gap, Baltic Hills
 6  Port Saviso Dornwell Marchbanks, Cobico, Rosetta, Ingraham, Silverwater,
 7  Tahoce Cape Morley Sroe, Coralsea, Sel Acri Bay
 8  Kadetoo Green Hill, Arundel, Cottesloe
 10  Desmond Point Javins Flat Sussex Cliffs, Wingate Head, Rathlyn, Cockleford, Strahan, Enfield, Eastlea 27 Concurrency of  10  and  11  between Conway and Enfield Roads.
 11  Wingate Head Zynfic Century Hills, Enfield 7.5
 12  Cranks Bay Tembor Carrington, Tweed, Fearon
 14  Brighton Harcourt Bay Caleigh, Carrington 7.0
 15  Padina Lansdowne Lanfear Beach, Asquith Bay, Ross Bay, Signal Bay, Kensington 18 Harbour and Garfield Roads.
 16  Asquith Bay Hadseltlie Brighton, Harborough, Saviso, Brigham 7.9
 17  Ross Bay Saviso Aslington 7.2 Durey Road and Elizabeth Street.
 20  Port Saviso Ladnier Jindell, Lansdowne, Honeycutt, Rhodestown, Medbury, Fearon Continues as  B78  at Ladnier.
 21  Honeycutt Baltic Hills Kiseln, Terrace Hill
 29  Silverwater Zepeasan Gap Parontacaihu, Herndon
 30  Adie Park Point Eceinin Cavendish Park 5.8
 31  Seaford Bay Wildwood Heights, Appleton, Bedford, Carse
 36  Surbiton Torbay