House of the People

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The makeup of the current (40th) House.
  PUE: 159 seats

  Socialists: 107 seats

  Purple Alliance: 11 seats

  Independent: 4 seats

The House of the People (Sanain: Kudak Nemetey) is the lower house of the Parliament of Sãikyel. It is composed of 281 members from the nine provinces of the Republic. January 3rd, 2016 marked the beginning of the 40th House of the People, when it convened in Sãikyel City for the first time in the new term.


The chamber itself has 281 seats, arranged in 9 semicircles around the chair. The government party generally sits on the left, while the opposition sits on the right. The Prime Minister sits in the fourth seat from the right, surrounded on the first two rows by the other ministers. There is a similar arrangement on the other side of the floor, where the opposition chooses its shadow leaders.

The House of the People is located in the west wing of the Harmegiedban, the edifice of the Parliament, facing the Ministry of Justice across Vay Ministriumey.