Inaĉni okrug

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Z10, 54.3573 °N, 80.7372 °E
Inaĉni okrug
Region of Ina (Ingerish)
Flag of Inaĉni okrug

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Okrug (Region) in Podolian Republic
Capital Inagrad
Largest city Inagrad
Country Podolian Republic
Katrina Podbelina
Elevation 98 m
Population 400,000 (2014)
Major airport no
Website www.prav.inacniokrug.pd

Inaĉni okrug is one of the 8 regions (okrugs) of Podoliaflag.png Podolian Republic, located at the south-west of the country. It borders Zahodni okrug on the north, Aleksandrijski okrug, Ikŝinski okrug and Chervonograd capital district on the northeast, and Juhovy okrug on the east. The region also has 2 international borders: one with UL109 on the west and other with Chira that runs along the river Ina on the south of the okrug.


The region has vast access to the big natural water reservoirs, the one being westernmost shores of Egalian Lake and the other is the right bank of aforemetioned river Ina, which in its turn gives region its name (literally The region of Ina). Due to its southern location, the climate is one of the best among Podolia's regions (Only Juhovy okrug can be somewhat better) and is softened by big water masses, accumulating the warmth.


The administrative center of the province is Inagrad, the sixth biggest Podolian city with about 86,000 residents, while the population of the whole region is estimated to be 400,000. Another big settlements of region include towns of Kochetov, Jankovec, Osinovec.


This territory had often been a battlefield between different nations and empires for centuries in the past, because it controls the strategically important outflow of huge Egalian Lake, and therefore a significant trade route. For the purposes of control this key location, a massive fortress was founded in 1523 on the river by king Viatelslav The Magnificent (Viatelslav I). Firstly called Ratna forteсьа na Ine (i.e. Warrior fortress on Ina), it was soon called by people Grad na Ine (i.e. The town on Ina) or Ina-grad. The city had been living through wars, invasions (the most significant were in tbd), destructions and great fires but still stayed on its outpost location. Only a few buildings remained from its historical core, but enough to feel its rich past.


Besides its role of border hub of trade, Inaĉni okrug can also boast its southern (relatively to the country) geografical position which allows to harvest big amounts of agricultural production. The shore of Egalia is well-known place for local and summer tourism. First off, it's because the beaches on Egalia shores, although the warm season is quite short, and secondly there are some mineral water resorts, such as Jankovec and Zatoka with sanative water and dirt.