Inara Basin

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Inara Basin labeled within the larger geological rift zone.

The Inara Basin is the largest endorheic watershed and extinct volcanic caldera in Uletha. It is noted for both its temprate climate and the Basin and holding the Petty Kingdom of Inara on an island Pretanic Lake within the middle of Pretany. The Basin was formed in ration to a great geological rifting event that also split the continent at the Great Rift Sound. A series of four eruptions over the course of 15 million years is reported to have occurred, including one as recent as 15000 YA. The basin is fed mainly by the Fritz River which rides a deep decline course through the Fritz River Valley. If an eruption of similar size were to strike today it is estimated 48 million people would die due to direct effects and ash cover. Most of Pretany would be obliterated and the planet would endure a volcanic winter for 4 years.

The Inara basin has historically been the home to the Inaran tribe, one of the Petty Kingdoms of Pretany, since antiquity. Inaran or Aerie Caeltig place names are prevalent throughout the Basin