International Council on Solar Energy

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International Council on Solar Energy
The Pursuit of Creating Solar Energy For A Brighter Future
Organization headquartered in Belphenia
Address 520 Exodus Avenue, Leviathan Point, Remiville, SKR 59438-455
General Information
Year Founded 2013
Number of Members TBD
President TBD
Chief Executive TBD
Solar Energy Distribution Committee TBD
Solar Products Committee TBD
Solar Farm Committee TBD
Solar Vehicles and Houses Committee TBD

The International Council on Solar Energy (ICSE) (Nihonish: 太陽エネルギーに関する国際評議会 Taiyō enerugī ni kansuru kokusai hyōgi-kai) is the international governing body that oversees and regulates the use of solar energy in solar-related products, solar-powered farms, vehicles, houses, and power distribution. The ICSE headquarters are located on Exodus Avenue in Remiville's Leviathan Point District in Belphenia. The museum, however, is also located on ICSE premises.


The International Council on Solar Energy was founded on August 10, 2013 by the Workers' Party of Belphenia.


Since November 2013, laws on the use of solar energy is legal in Belphenia. The organization also condemns solar theft and illegal distribution of solar-related products.

Energy companies and companies who operates or manufactures solar products within the jurisdiction of Belphenia must have a license from the ICSE to operate new or existing solar farms, or distribute solar-related products. The law does not apply to countries outside Belphenia (except Erzaleria).

Current membership