Izabela Enler-Riter

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Izabela Enler-Riter
Izabela Enler-Riter
27th President of the Republic of Ullanne
Born21/06/1957, Dalltaka - 50 years old
ResidenceState House, Etatono
Alma MaterAster College in Etatono
Political PartyBlue Sun Party
ReligionAkson Nulo
Home TownEusanne
Spouse(s)Fiordja Apār
ChildrenKaldat Enler-Apār, Izo Riter-Apār

Izabela Enler-Riter (b.21/06/1957) is an Ullannessa politician who has been the Leader of the Blue Sun Party since 2010 and President of Ullanne since 2014.

Prior to becoming Leader of Blue Sun, Enler-Riter was a representative for Eskera in the National Assembly since 2005. Before entering politics she was a social worker and activist.

Early Life and Education

Izabela Enler-Riter was born in the town of Dalltaka. She was placed in an orphanage 7 months after her birth and was later adopted by a family from Eusanne. Her foster father was a miner and her foster mother was a school teacher. After completing her compulsory military service in the Ullannessa Air Force she attended Aster College In Etatono and was awarded a degree in Social Care in 1990. She worked for the Ullannessa Health Department as a family case worker until 1996 when she enrolled at Etatono University to study Politics & Public Governance.

Social Activism and Early Political Career

In the mid-1990s, prompted by what she describes as "the appalling neglect and woeful conditions within the Etatono health system" Enler-Riter began volunteering in her spare time at the offices of the Fresh Approach, a think tank and pressure group linked to the Blue Sun Party. She began attending party rallies and speaking at public meetings about healthcare reform. In 2000 Enler-Riter was put forward as a one of the Blue Sun's candidates for the Ponteto District in the Etatono City Council elections, gaining her seat by a majority of 44 transfer votes.

Political career with Blue Sun

Enler-Riter taking part in a panel debate on 'Ethics & Access' during the 2015 Etatono Festival of Politics.

In Etatono City Council she was instrumental in forming several cross-party coalitions on citywide matters and spearheading a high profile public service anti-corruption initiative. This work gave her national media recognition as a hawk within her party and a formidable negotiator. A leadership crisis in 2004 saw her become deputy leader of the Blue Sun. In 2005 she was elected as National Representative for Eskera and then re-elected in 2009. In 2010 the Blue Sun Party Leader, Kali Jorfel-Otes, died suddenly while on holiday and Enler-Riter took over the leadership during following year's election cycle. The party lost by a narrow margin but her confident campaigning style secured her support as party leader. In 2014 the Blue Sun won the national elections with a strong majority, propelling Enler-Riter to the Presidency.


During her presidency, Enler-Riter's administration has pursued a series of economic and social changes under the auspices of healthcare reform, energy security and national defence. Her government has introduced legislation to re-nationalise the rail network and remove private healthcare providers from service delivery roles in the Ullannessa Health Service. The first budget increased national defence spending and made tax adjustments regarded as favourable to, amongst others, the agricultural industry. Other policy initiatives have pushed for closer regional West Central Anteraphian cooperation on security, improved environmental regulation and industry incentives for green energy provision and transport.

Personal Life

In 2001 Enler-Riter married Guaiian pharmacist and executive, Fiordja Apār, in a ceremony on the island of Mireille. Apār, formerly Head of International Development (Antarephia) at Vai based Silenis Pharmaceutics, is founder of children's asthma charity, NurSpiri (Ing; Just Breathe). The couple have 2 children.