Jack O'Neill

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President Jack O'Neill (Under Const.)

Jack O'Neill is the founder of the Republic of Charlottesburg

When Governor of Charlottesburg Jack O'Neill realized Commonia was beyond fixing, he returned home and began preparing the state for formal and total independence. Charlottesburg officially declared its Independence Day to be July 11th, 1970. New national elections were held in the fall of 1971 so there would be enough time to set up the process and go through the new primary election process before the general election. Governor O'Neill won the election, which took place on Election Day (December 7th), and was inaugurated as the first President of the Republic of Charlottesburg on February 29th, 1972. O'Neill had insisted on "Leap Day" being the Inauguration Day, famously saying "Why not?" during a press conference. And thus it was inserted into the new constitution.

Personal Details:

  • Born: October 3rd, 1921 (Aged 95)
  • Joined the Commonian Army as a recruit in 1939 to help keep his country from falling apart.
  • Rose through the ranks and was promoted to Lt. Colonel by 1950, when he was 28.
  • Promoted to Colonel in 1954
  • Continuously tried to find ways to reunify Commonia, submitting a major plan to Ombo officials in 1957 that laid out government reforms and would have allowed states to re-join the union through peaceful referendums.
  • Became a General in 1959
  • Elected Governor of Charlottesburg in 1962, serving 2 1/2 terms
  • Elected President of the Charlottesburg in 1971, with inauguration taking place at high noon on February 29th, 1972
  • Served two full terms as President