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John O'Higgins was born in New Dublin (now Tara) 1936. He was two times president of Latina, four years from 1987 to 1991 and six years from 1995 to 2001. After the independence of the formerly province Rio Liffey as independen country Tara he was then president of Tara.

Grown up in the socialist party the learned lawyer O'Higgins was as first step of a greater political carrer secretary interior of president Carlos Blas. In this position he reformed the administration of the provinces of Latina to the til today existent structure.

1987 he was elected for president, but in the election 1991 the socialist party lost theyr majority in the Cortes and Veronica Depelis of the liberal-conservatives was choosen as president as first woman in the history of Latina.

But 1995 O'Higgins get a second chance and was elected again for president.

1999 he begun his third periode as president of Latina. But short after this moment was clear, that he has his hands thick in the movement for an independent Tara. As 2001 the people of the province Rio Liffey vote for independence from Latina and call for O'Higgins as president of Tara it was clear, that O'Higgins could not be longer president of Latina. He retired and go back to New Dublin. In Latina is O'Higgins a persona non grata and til now (2015) he has never visit Latina as president of Tara.

The latinian government accepted the vote of the province Rio Liffey - now Tara. But they take it as en offence, because many money of Latina was flown the last decades to develope this province. Tara now has no special status in relation to Latina so as Zylanda or Niulutan-Riu, but it is a normal common foreign country. The Latina Pound is not more the currency in Tara.

So 2001 again the election for the Cortes and for the president are in the same year. The socialist party lost a lot of voices becaus the Tara-treachery of O'Higgins and again Veronica Dispelis are elected as president with a saturated majority of the liberal-conservatives.

Til today (2015) - meanwhile 79 years old - John O'Higgins is president of Tara. He was married with his wife Joana from 1962 til today and has two sons, from which one live as engineer in Gentofte / Llanura los Gauados.

Predecessor President of Latina Successor
Carlos Blas 1987 - 1991 Veronica Depelis
Predecessor President of Latina Successor
Veronica Depelis 1995 - 2001 Veronica Depelis