Jundah Light Rail

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Jundah Light Rail
A Line 2 train at Hendricks Harbor
OwnerJundah Metro
Area servedJundah, Tauhon, Federal States
Transit typeRapid transit
Number of stations42
Daily ridershipIncrease 122,953 (2019)
Annual ridershipIncrease 44,877,845 (2019)
Chief Executive OfficerJacob Lee
Headquarters100 Sedgwick Square, Jundah, Tauhon, Federal States
Began operationFebruary 11, 1988
Operator(s)Jundah Metro
CharacterElevated, at-grade, and underground
Train length3 cars
System length25 mi
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in)
Electrification625 V (DC) third rail
Average speed38 km/h (24 mph)
Top speed83 km/h (52 mph)
Network Map
Jundah Light Rail Map.png

The Jundah Light Rail is a light rail system serving the city of Jundah, Tauhon, Federal States. It consists of two lines which run on a total of 25 miles of track.


In 1988, the western half of Line 1 opened on existing streetcar tracks on Cranston Avenue, Park Avenue, and Union Street. It ran through the streets of Downtown Jundah and east to Harborside. Following its initial success, the line was extended to McClary Terminal.

In 1995, Line 2 was built to Grantwood Center, and in 2001, it was extended to Santa Rosita. Due to increased traffic along surface streets, several portions of track were moved underground, and most of system was temporarily closed from June to August 2004 for the tracks to be rerouted. In 2007, the entirety of Line 3 was built. An further extension of the line to the Marine Terminal is scheduled to open in 2023.


The Jundah Subway system has three lines which intersect in Downtown. The timetables are arranged such that trains in all four directions arrive at Central Station simultaneously to eliminate waiting during transfers. In the following table, peak times are defined as 7–10 AM and 4–7 PM on weekdays.

Line Termini Length Stations Headway
Peak Off-peak
Line 1 Prospect Hill ↔ McClary Terminal 9 mi 18 6 min 10 min
Line 2 Santa Rosita ↔ Santa Lucia 14 mi 22 8 min 14 min
Line 3 Hendricks Harbor ↔ Santa Rosita 3 mi 8 6 min 10 min


There are a total of 42 stations on the Jundah Metro Rail. The following is a list of the busiest stations:

Rank Station Weekday Ridership Lines
1 Central Station 37,255 Line 1, Line 2, Line 3
2 Market 29,912 Line 1, Line 3
3 Sedgwick 18,094 Line 1
4 Metropolitan 14,112 Line 1, Line 2
5 Grantwood Center 12,994 Line 2


A single ride ticket costs $1.80 and is valid for any trip regardless of origin and destination. The fare is $1.50 per ride when using a refillable J-Card.

A free bus transfer is available within 2 hours of entering fare gates, and a free light rail transfer is available within 2 hours of boarding a bus. Students and seniors are eligible for reduced fare J-Cards, which allow travel for half price ($0.90 per ride).

Daily, weekly, and monthly passes are also available, which cost $8.00, $14.00, and $57.00 respectively. Travel on the Jundah Light Rail and local buses is free with a monthly CapitalRail pass.