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Republic of Kaneiwa
Kalmea Manoa Kaneiwa
"Kaneiwa Stronger Together"
Largest cityLakana
Official languagesIngerish
 • Regional languagesCoastal Kanmelem (Kaneiwa Indigenous Language)
GovernmentUnitary Parliamentary Republic
 • PresidentMichael Alliston
 • Prime MinisterNicola Louis
LegislatureFederal Assembly
 • Estimate (2016)987,000
 • DensityN/A/km2
GDP (PPP)2015
 • TotalN/A
 • Per capitaN/A
HDI (2014)Steady 0.877
very high
CurrencyKaneiwa Dollar (KND)
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.kn

Kaneiwa, officially known as the Republic of Kaneiwa, is a unitary parliamentary republic.



The local indigenous language is known as Coastal Kanmelem. Historically, this language was spoken fluent by virtually all indigenous communities in the region. According to recent statistics, it is the 2nd most spoken language in Kaneiwa, after Ingerish. According to recent data, approximately 235,000 people identity as speakers of Coastal Kanmelem.

Largest Metropolitan Areas



Transportation & Infrastructure



Kaneiwa is served by two international airports: Lakana International Airport (KNL)

The Lakana International Airport is the busiest in terms of passenger and cargo volume in Kaneiwa. Lakana Int'l Airport is the international hub for Kaneiwa Airways (the national flag carrier).

Based on the geography of Kaneiwa, seaplane travel is also common, especially amongst commuters from outlying islands and coastal communities. The Lakana Harbour Seaplane Terminal is the largest seaplane facility in the country, and offers both short-haul domestic and international commercial flights.



The most popular sports in Kaneiwa (in terms of both following and participation) are Soccer (Football) and Baseball

Sport League Name Founded Status Representative Team
Baseball in Kaneiwa Kaneiwa Professional Baseball (KPB) 1946 Professional Baseball Kaneiwa
Soccer in Kaneiwa Kaneiwa Premier League 1922 Professional Kaneiwa National Soccer Team

National representative teams are also put forth in Soccer, Baseball, and Basketball, and compete in a variety of continental and international competitions. These teams are managed by the Federation of Sport Kaneiwa (FSK).

Arts, Music

Kaneiwa has a rich music scene which is centred mainly in the capital, Lakana. From decades, artists have settled in Lakana in hopes of furthering their careers and in an effort of gaining valuable connections in the industry. Many neighbourhoods in the city have helped to foster unique communities for artists of different genres.


List of Universities/Colleges

International Relations