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OGFmapicon.png 32.4159 S, 170.101 E
Official Name:
The Metropolitan Division of Kattenden Canton

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Status Capital City of Duncanheim
Elevation sea level-50 m
Demonym Kattendenian
Population 1,250,000 (2015)
Airports Kattenden Bakarsbond International Airport
Passenger Rail Duncanheim National Rail
Metro Kattenden Metro

Kattenden is a city on the coast of Duncanheim, located in the south of Archanta, at the mouth of the Katten River. The city is home to an estimated 1,250,000 people, and serves as the capital of Duncanheim, as it has since the nation's founding in 1442.


The origins of the name Kattenden are lost to history. The earliest record of the name comes from a carving found in the wall of a cave in Draumelskendland Canton, where the runic carving translates roughly as "Freki the Fisherman, of town Katendoon, performed intercourse with Adelbert the Flashy, in this cave." The carving is estimated to be from roughly the 9th or 10th centuries, based on the style of runes used.
It has been suggested that the etymology of the name derives from the old plural of "cat" combined with "dun" (meaning 'castle'), and this, while perhaps likely, is not without doubt. Some suggest that "Katten" may derive from the name of a person, rather than an animal.



Politics and Government

The municipal structures governing Kattenden are about as confusing as the street layout in the oldest parts of the city. Kattenden grew over the centuries, taking in surrounding towns and villages, sometimes annexing them to the city government, sometimes leaving them as independent municipalities under the Canton government. In 1965, it was decided that the metropolitan area needed a single, unified government. As the urban and suburban sprawl of Kattenden had, by this point, taken up the majority of Kattenden Canton, the decision was made by Parliament to restructure municipal governments in the Canton as part of the Canton government.
Most towns and townships within Kattenden Canton were made Boroughs of the City-Canton of Kattenden in 1966, however, two towns, Laglendith and Freya Market Town, refused to give up their status as independent city-level municipalities. This created a bureaucratic nightmare, as the City Council of Kattenden had become the main decision-making authority for the City-Canton of Kattenden, but the City Councils of Laglendith and Freya Market Town had decision-making authority in their respective municipalities, which were part of the Canton of Kattenden but not part of the City-Canton of Kattenden, even though the Canton of Kattenden had been replaced by the City-Canton of Kattenden, meaning that any decision of a City Council requiring the approval of the Canton Council would go to the City-Canton Council, who would send it back, as they had not been authorized by the referenda to have jurisdiction in the two remaining non-City-Canton cities. This was especially problematic for things like major road maintenance, rail travel and infrastructure, and major building permissions, which would normally be decided by the City, then approved by the Canton.
In 1973, this situation was finally solved when the City-Canton was reclassified as a regular Canton, with most of the municipal structures of the City-Canton (exclusive of Cantonal powers in Laglendith and Freya Market Town) reclassified as The Metropolitan Division of Kattenden Canton, the official name it retains to this day.


Public Schools

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There are three major universities in Kattenden Canton: The Royal University of Kattenden, The Hanyal University in Duncanheim, and Laglendith University. (Laglendith University is in Kattenden Canton and within the Kattenden Metropolitan Area, but is not in the Metropolitan Division of Kattenden Canton, but rather, in the City of Laglendith.)




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