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Ketz and Company
TypeFood Processing
FounderFlorane Ketz-Jokowski, Yarley Hubert Ketz, and Lawrence J. Ketz
HeadquartersRachelle, Seneppi State Flag2.png Seneppi
Area Served Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States, international
ProductsCereals, Oatmeals, Grains
 Cookies, Pastries
 Crackers, Snacks, Chips
 Packaged Foods, Frozen Dinners
SubsidiariesOrson's supermarket
 Allgood (Orson's store brand)
 Mrs. Flora's
PredecessorKetz Mills and Grains

Ketz and Company, also known as The Ketz Company and doing business as Ketz, is a Federal States based multinational food manufacturing company headquartered in Rachelle, Seneppi. Ketz produces cereal, snacks, chips, and other processed convenience foods, sells products under many popular brands like Ketzels, Muther's, and Mrs. Flora's, and is also the owner of popular Grand Lakes supermarket Orson's.