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12, -54.4153, 138.9455
 • ProvinceBořāzint
 • DistrictKiřtemon
 • MayorStorm Suvan Eřte
Elevationt.b.d. m (t.b.d. ft)
 • Estimate (2014)t.b.d

Kiřtemon /'kɪɹtɛmon/ is the southeastern most populous city of Řots and one of the fastest growing settlements in the country. It is located on the southeastern coast, halfway Neo Delta and (AR051), and as such an important sea harbour on a busy transit route. Kiřtemon also has the second largest international airport of Řots. Founded more than 1500 years ago, Kiřtemon steadily grew until 3317 (1840), when the national government decided that not Kiřtemon but Bořāzint should become the capital of the newly created Bořāzint province. A lot of economic and societal activity, including the city's university, disappeared from the city, and only in the last 25 years, Kiřtemon has been able to attract other than transport-related business again, with the IT company KiřTek one of the most important reasons for the city's current grow spurt.


Kiřtemon is known for its historic railway lines. When the city was still growing before 1840, a lot of money was invested in the creation of railway in and around the city. Most of these tracks were used only for a short time and removed during the 35th/20th century. The track from Kiřtemon's main railway station to the villages of Brupap and Ermelep still exists however; a semi-commercial service has been in operation since 3479 (2002) and the steam train that is used on this trajectory attracts a lot of tourists.