Kimo-Axian language family

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The Kimo-Axian language family describes the multiple languages that were spoken throughout history around the Kime river in modern Kojo and surrounding areas. With Kojolese unification in the early 17th century, the Pyilser dialect around modern Pyingshum became the dominant language and, while experiencing major changes due to a strong Hopponese influence, steadily replaced the other Kimo-Axian languages in the region. Today, Kojolese is the only remaining (major) member of the language family, making it a language isolate; many linguists however consider the Kojolese dialect spoken in the tiny bi-territorial nation of Template:Oéshkaernain Arkatsūm to be its own independent language of the Kimo-Axian family. It retains a strong sense of the archaic phonology, and experienced way less Ataraxian and Hopponese influence than standard Kojolese, with grammar and syntax closer to the pre-17th century Kojolese languages and more loan words from the language of UL019. Most notably maybe, this dialect doesn't know the differentiation between the several registers that Kojolese uses.