Lake Lezerne

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The Lake Lezerne is a medium sized freshwater lake in Central Astrasia, South Archanta.


The Lake Lezerne is quite elongated in shape and extends approximately in a north-south direction. Only in its southernmost part the outline of the lake points west-southwest. Seen geographically and physically, the lake leans on its western edge to the mighty mountain range in north-south direction. Toward the east however, the lake does not encounter any strongly contoured terrain profile. The north-south extent of Lake Lezerne is measured about 275km along the major axis of the outline of the lake. The widths of the lake are very variable. On the west coast quite deeply cut bays and headlands protruding into the lake dominate the physical picture. On the east coast, however, the coastline is not so irregular. The Lake Lezerne is fed by several rivers, including the River Plainus, which flows into the northeastern part of the lake, and the Eburen, which opens from the south. Geographically relevant is also the Vincent Creek, which reaches the lake exactly from the north.


The surface area of the lake is (x) km2. About 68% of the water inflow is due to tributaries, 28% is due to precipitation, and 4% is due to underground waters.