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The Lake Lezerne (also known as Lezernau Lakau (United Cities of Plainus), Leiserner See (Neusüdengern), Lukau Levarrie (Levarrie), (Custom Name) (Naexma), (Custom Name) (AR120-56)) is a medium sized freshwater lake in Central Astrasia. Five nations have access to the shores of the lake. Those nations are the United Cities of Plainus (Kalmish: Städtebund Plainus), Neusüdengern (Ingerish: New South Angria), Naexma (Kalmish: Naëchsmien), Levarrie (Kalmish: Mannigfaltsgau) and AR120-56.

physical shape

The Lake Lezerne is quite elongated in shape and extends approximately in a north-south direction. Only in its southernmost part the outline of the lake points west-southwest. Seen geographically and physically, the lake leans on its western edge to the mighty mountain range, which runs through the state of Neusüdengern in north-south direction. Toward the east however, the lake does not encounter any strongly contoured terrain profile. The north-south extent of Lake Lezerne is measured about 275km along the major axis of the outline of the lake. The widths of the lake are very variable. On the west coast quite deeply cut bays and headlands protruding into the lake dominate the physical picture. On the east coast, however, the coastline is not so irregular. The Lake Lezerne is fed by several rivers, including the River Plainus, which flows into the northeastern part of the lake, and the Eburen, which opens from the south. Geographically relevant is also the Vincent Creek, which reaches the lake exactly from the north.

map of the region around Lake Lezerne:


map of the Lake itself:



The surface area of the lake is (x) km2. About 68% of the water inflow is due to tributaries, 28% is due to precipitation, and 4% is due to underground waters.

significant places, towns and cities found on the coastline of Lake Lezerne (clockwise mentioned)

(Fort Belmont) (AR120-56)

Portulia (in Neusüdengern called: Porteley (Kalmish)) (United Cities of Plainus): (TBD)


Corelia (Naexma): (TBD)


Naexma City (Naexma): (TBD)


Lezerne City (Naexma): (TBD)


Osterhörn (Neusüdengern) and Sudermolen (Neusüdengern)


Osterhörn is a small port town, which today has its significance as a ferry port (also for the transit traffic from Levarrie to the core area of Neusüdengern) as well as a location of the fish processing industry (production co-operative Volkseigene Produktionsgenossenschaft Fischverarbeitung "Seemannsstolz").

In the neighboring town of Sudermolen there is a military base with a pioneer battalion and a tank grenadier battalion, furthermore an agricultural production cooperative (Volkseigene landwirtschaftliche Genossenschaft).

Eburen (Levarrie):


Eburen serves as the capital city of Levarrie, and sits on the mouth of the Eburen at the edge of the lake. [to be detailed]

Collpin (Levarrie): (TBD)


Orkolle (Levarrie): (TBD)


Mikulia (Levarrie): (TBD)


(Koescad) (AR056c):

Lüningsbördergroden (Neusüdengern) and Wengelerswarde (Neusüdengern):


The transport hub Lüningsbördergroden has an international airport (Internationaler Flughafen Lüningsbördergroden/Wengelerswarde "Großer Sprung"), a border station, which is the terminus of the north-south railway line through Neusüdengern, and a border crossing point for road vehicles, which is also the end point for the highway, which runs in north-south direction through Neusüdengern (Nord-Süd-Magistrale).

Wengelerswarde - the "City of the Thousand Flares" is well known for its vast metallurgical plant and cast steel production plant (production co-operative Volkseigene Produktionsgenossenschaft Hartstahl-Koaktat "Sieg der Weltrevolution").

Niedergreden (Neusüdengern) and Kaltheide (Neusüdengern):


Niedergreden is famous for its exemplary and modern large coking plant. In the neighbour town Kaltheide there is to find an underground ore mining plant (production co-operative Volkseigene Produktionsgenossenschaft Erzbergbau Förder- und Verarbeitungsanlage "Kollektivistische Internationale).

Dohrenstede (Neusüdengern):


Dohrenstede is an important location for the production of semi-finished products, steel bars and forged products, predominantly in the production co-operative Volkseigene Produktionsgenossenschaft Edelstahlwerke "Stolz der Arbeiterklasse"

Gredenborstel and Obergredenerharl and Sieverdingermark and Sieverdingersteinernhamm and Scharrenbergsluhne (all in Neusüdengern):


Gredenborstel is the busy capital of the populous administrative district Bezirkskommandantur Gredenborstel.

The city of Scharrenbergsluhne is home of the production of rail vehicles and ballistic short-range missiles (production co-operative Volkseigene Produktionsgenossenschaft Transport- und Geschütztechnik).

In Sieverdingermark there is to find a vast plant for electrical engineering (production co-operative Volkseigene Produktionsgenossenschaft Elektrotechnik "Solidarität der Werktätigen")

Elvestorf (Neusüdengern):


In the city of Elvestorf there is located an aluminum smelting and metalworking plant (production co-operative Volkseigene Produktionsgenossenschaft Aluminiumverhüttung und Metallverarbeitung "Gerechtigkeit für die Opfer des Kapitalismus"). Also to find in elvestorf is a military base with a pioneer battalion and a tank grenadier battalion.

Nehringshörde (Neusüdengern):


Nehringshörde is a location of the chemical industry, especially the production of petrochemicals, electronic chemicals, resins, styrenes and pigments (production co-operative Volkseigene Produktionsgenossenschaft Chemie-Koaktat "Demokratischer Kollektivismus")

Wegemannshude (state capital of the People's state of Neusüdengern) and Neuenkottenerkamp (Neusüdengern):


In Wegemannshude there are the supreme government and administrative organs of the people's state of Neusüdengern, so primarily the Supreme People's Committee (Oberstes Volkskommittee) along with the building for the presidium of the Supreme People's Committee, furthermore the buildings for the specialist departments/committees (Fachreferate des Obersten Volkskommittees) and for the extraordinary departments/committees of Supreme People's Committee (Sonderreferate des Obersten Volkskommittees).

In Neuenkottenerkamp there is a border inspection post for road vehicles at the border crossing to Portulia (United Cities of Plainus). Furthermore, here is a military site with a tank battalion and a pioneer battalion. From Neuenkottenerkamp the north - south railway line is continued northward. It crosses the border to Area 120-056 near the far northest point of Lake Lezerne, then turns south and reaches Commonwealth City within the United Cities of Plainus.

traffic routes along the lake

the serpentine course of the major road (Nord-Süd-Magistrale) and of the railway line along the western coastline of Lake Lezerne through the People's State of Neusüdengern (Volksstaat Neusüdengern):


traffic routes on the lake

important ferry connections across Lake Lezerne:

Neuenkottenerkamp (Neusüdengern) -- Portulia (United Cities of Plainus)


Scharrenbergsluhne (Neusüdengern) -- Osterhörn (Neusüdengern)


Information board for the car ferry shortly before the driveway on the pier at Scharrenbergsluhne


"car ferry to Osterhörn ; private trip (car) 10,000 ₰C ; private trip (truck) 15,000 ₰C ; other 2,000 ₰C ; payment options : cash, Staatsbank card, Inter card. Please note: "credit cards" from capitalist foreign countries NOT ACCEPTED ; Transit travelers (UCP to Levarrie) please have transit coupons ready"