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One of the 6.300 V AC-Trains near Galilei 1911

First railways as usual on that time were steam-powered, but 1907 begun the western divison of the national railway, to use electricity for the suburban-trains of Latina (Ciudad), beginning in the Western Station (6.300 V AC, 25 Hz, overhead). This trains there run til 1955, but meanwhile the general system of electric railway-trains was installed with 15.000 V AC, 16,7 Hz.

Tracks for the "Cercaia"-trains

Today nearly all trains of the national railway-network run electric. In Latina (Ciudad) meanwhile is established a net of so called "Cercanias" - trains for local traffic in the outskirs. Most they run on own tracks. The normal frequence of trains dayover is each 15, 20 or 30 minutes. In the peak hours trains run more often. Trains of line # 124 to Saguset run dayover all 12 minutes, in the peak-time all 8 minutes. This relation since 1999 is serviced by the lines ## 104 amd 105.

Net of Cercanias in Latina (Ciudad) in the year 1999

Where run the Cercanias, in most cases the other trains do not stop. Other trains run on theyr own tracks and stops at Cercania-stations only at Bajo Artado and Avenida Espana (lines ## 101 and 102), Alemania (line # 103), Santa Rosa (line # 108), Salinas (lines ## 103 til 106 and 109) inside the boundary of Latina (Ciudad) and then with other trains at the terminus-stations of the lines outside of the city.

Only trains from the Sierra Ponente (train-line # 210) run from Bahia Zigonias parallel to the the tracks of Cercania-line 112 and then from Galilei over the cercania-tracks direct to the Estacion Cental. Inside of the city boundary they only stop at Esposico-Este, Galilei and the city-stations of the Cercania between Galilei and the Central Station. At special stations between Bahia Zigonias and Galilei they overtake the regulary Cercania-trains of the line # 112.

Regulary trains can stop at the Estadio Nacional (National Stadium) at events there. In other times they run through and the 4 platforms for them are closed.

Cercania-net in the future

Net history

First electric trains 1907 from the formerly western station run to the west and southwest. Around 1915 from the other stations of Latina the suburban lines was set on own tracks and under electric power. There are four nets - from the western station to west and southwest, first from the northen station and later the central station to the north, from the central station to the east and from the southern station to the south.

1955 the western net is connected with the eastern net via a tunnel with 4 tracks from Honor de Patria via Nutria, Barrio Vejo, Libertad and Ronda Grande to the Central station. 1999 the northern net is connected with the southern net with a tunnel with 4 tracks via Alameda Nuova (interchange with metro-lines ## 5, 7 and 15) and Piemont (interchange with metro-line # 6).

Meanwhile it is planed to build a new tunnel with two tracs for the lines 101 and 102, to avoid the long way arond the city via Botanico and the stadium without touching the heart of the town with this cercanias. From Bajo Artado this deep laying tunnel shall go via the few stations "Plaza Cinecitta", "Opera", "Libertad", "Bolsa" and "Fabio Megontes" direct to the southern station. The tunnel from the central-station to the southern station then is used only for the lines 103 to 106.

The then not more serviced stations Medio Artado, Alto Artado (Oueste) and Espana soon today have good connections to the city with the metro-net and will be closed or - as Espana - then there can stop the regulary Cordoba-trains. This stations - shown in orange on the map - too can be used at the peak-hours or at events in the nacional-stadium.

Line # 103a from Alemania via Estacion Central to Salinas run between the regulary trains of the line # 103. So this relation is serviced like a metro-line.


The Cercanias are serviced of the latinian railway, the RENFEL (REd Nacional de los Ferrocarils Latinias). Nevertheless in the town-limits of Latina (Ciudad) and in the villages of Juacinta and Villa Massimo you can use this lines with the city-card for metro, streetcar and bus. This boundary is represented with the orange line on the map. The Airport of Latina lay outside this area and it is to pay the RENFEL-Fare. The city of Latina and the RENFEL here have an special agreement for a flat-fare of 4 Latinian pound from every point in the city to the airport.


Newest trains are type "C5", 230 m lang (the platforms are 250 m long). This train can run in times of lesser traffic as a "half-train" with a lenght of 115 m.


  • Rete Norte: Latina-Central (Norte) for 36 trains
  • Rete Oueste - Este: Latina-Central (Este) for 38 trains, ....
  • Rete Sur: Latina-Sur for 20 trains, ....

Rete Norte til 1999

This trains til 1999 all start from Latina Cental Station from the tracks ## 1 to 8 (platforms A to D) to the north. There are three branches: Line ## 101 til 104 to the northwest, lines ## 105 and 106 to the north and line # 107 to the notheast

Line Start via End km Remarks
101 Latina Central Botanico - Artado Nutria (NU] 95
102 Latina Central Botanico - Artado Aquino 80
103 Latina Central Botanico - Zoo Tiporetto 60
104 Latina Central Botanico - Zoo Izoldyna 58
105 Latina Central Porunca Querade (RO) 73.5
106 Latina Central Dos Rios (LC) - San Fernando (RO) - Santa Cruz (RO) Inca 93
107 Latina Central Santa Rosa (LC) - Tenesmoz - Agui Ternossis 122

Rete Sur til 1999

This trains ril 1999 all run from the Southern Station (Estacion Sur) to the south or southeast of the city. Only lines ## 126 and 128 are special junctions between the city of Saguset and Cabo San Pedro or the Saguset Airport and Inca.

Line Start via End km Remarks
121 Latina Sur Astoria Latina Airport 70
122 Latina Sur Astoria Sacaremo 105
123 Latina Sur Salinas - Brocaris - Salina Airport Frocedalis 110
124 Latina Sur Salinas - Boldset - Torre Figueras - Saguset Central Finale (SA) 120 only each 2nd train to Finale
125 Latina Sur Salinas - Boldset - Torre Figueras Cabo San Pedro 105
126 Inca Central Agui - Latina Airport - Saguset Airport Saguset Central 205
128 Saguset Central direct Cabo San Pedro 40

Rete Norte - Sur (since 1999)

This trains of lines ## 101 to 106 all run since 1999 from the Central Station via a tunnel with 4 tracks to the Southern Station, so that the formerly northen net is connected with the formerly southern net.

Line Start via End km Remarks
101 Nutria (NU) Artado - Central - Sur Latina Airport 165 old 101 and 121
102 Aquino Artado - Central - Sur Sacaremo 185 old 102 and 122
103 Tiporetto Zoo - Central - Sur - Saguset Airport Frocedalis 170 old 103 and 123
104 Izoldyna Zoo - Central - Sur - Saguset Central Finale (SA) 180 old 104 and 124
105 Querade (RO) Porunca - Central - Sur Saguset Central 175 old 105 and 124
106 Inca Dos Rios - Central - Sur - Torre Figueras Cabo San Pedro 195 old 106 and 125
107 Latina Central Santa Rosa (LC) - Tenesmoz - Agui Ternossis 122 partly to Saguset
126 Inca Agui - Latina Airport - Saguset Airport Saguset 205
128 Saguset Central direct Cabo San Pedro 40

Rete Oueste - Este

This trains (without line # 119) all run over the four tracks between Galilei and Falconis (lines ## 111 til 114) or til Estacio Central (lines ## 115 and 116) in west to east direction through the city with stations between at Honor de Patria - Nutria - Barrio Vejo - Libertad - Ronda Grande - Estacion Central. The lines ## 111 til 114 run over Falconis more to the east, the lines ## 115 and 116 terminated at Latina Central. In Latina Central this trains stops at tracks ## 31 to 36 in the first tunnel-level. Between Nutria and Estacion Central the most parts of this tracks through the city lay in a tunnel.

Works are in progress, that the metro-line # 1 will run over the tracks of line # 113 to San Miguel Sur. Between Ilouche and Esposico-Oueste the tracks then will be abadonned. To Santo Domingo at the eastern branch of line # 113 then will run line # 115 or # 116 and line # 113 will not be more in use.

Line Start via End km Remarks
111 Bahjia Zigonias Youlanta, Galilei, Falconis, Juacinta Jaguar 180
112 Bahia Zigonias Asconaria, Galilei, Falconis, Fajador Latina Airport 160 and some other regional trains from Sierra Ponente
113 San Miguel Sur Galilei, Falconis, Sonores Santo Domingo (SA) 120 planed, to San Miguel to be taken over from metro-line # 1
114 Nuevo Madrid Alcaudete, Galilei, Falconis, Gripolaris Uquirita 220
115 Nuevo Madrid San Francisco (NU), Hibournes, Galilei, Picasso Estacion Central 95
116 Nutria (NU) Marchena, Galiei,Picasso Estacion Central 110
119 Nutria (NU) San Francisco (NU), Alcaudete, Asconaria Youlanta 105