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LeunaOil is a company producing automobile fuels and operates gas stations, mainly present in Mergany. The company offers different petroleum products: Besides classical gasoline, diesel fuel and lubricants, liquefied petroleum gas, liquid and gaseous hydrogen and heating oil. LeunaOil is listed on the Mergan Handelsbörsen and is a component of the MERHAB16 stock market index.

Oil and gas fields

Eastern Darcodian Sea

A view from the South of platform Barbara Ann
Platform Get Around under construction

The LeunaOil Barbara Ann map, Get Around map and Kokomo map are condeep offshore oil platforms in the eastern Darcodian Sea gas field off the west coast of Mergany. They are located outside the national territory, but within the exclusive economic zone.

Oil refinery


Close to Wasepalk is the largest refinery in Mergany. It was built and extended in several steps since 1962.

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Gas industry

River Plate Methanol Plant

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Gas stations

LeunaOil Gas station

Many LeunaOil gas stations offer a wider range of items, oftentimes also a bistro. Additionally, they provide a car wash to clean the exterior and interior of motor vehicles.