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Municipality in Principado de Vega
Status Provincial Capital
Region VictoriaFlag.PNG Victoria
Province Liguria
Elevation 24 m
Demonym Ligurian
Population 396,996 (2014)
National Highways  A2   A7   A10 
Train Station Liguria EC
Metro Metro Ligero de Liguria, Metro de Vega

Liguria is a municipality in the region of Victoria. The municipality is formed by several urban areas: City of Liguria, Villa del Rey Fernando, Pradollano, Santa Cecilia, and the new developments of Nueva Liguria (new area created in the late 1980s close to the town of Valderrobles) and Valdegares, in the south of the municipality, in the shore of River Gares. Liguria belongs to the largest conurbation in the country, the Vega Conurbation, formed by the the city of Vega, and other cities such as Sálvora.

The old city of Liguria is about 1 km2 large and has the structure of a fortified city, it appears surrounded by a moat called "El Foso". The city developed towards the train station and along the railway on the east, forming a single urban area with Egara (in the region of Ciudad de Vega. A second historic center is Villa del Rey Fernando, 2 km north of Liguria. The small villages of Pradollano and Santa Cecilia, in the Vega riverside, are part of Liguria since the 1980s. This and the new developments have increased notably the population of the municipality in the last three decades; it was below 200,000 inhabitants around 1980 and projections indicate that it would surpass half a million inhabitants in 2020. One of the most important industrial areas of the Vega Conurbation falls partially within the municipality of Liguria.

Liguria is directly connected to Vega city center by train (Liguria Central, Rey Fernando, Nueva Liguria and Pradollano-Santa Cecilia stations) and by metro (Metro de Vega, line 5). A system of light rail connects some areas of the municipality. Three main highways connect Liguria with Vega, Sálvora, Claramonte and other parts of the country: the  A2  is one of the busiest highways in the country, connecting Vega and Silea.

The project Corredor Verde de Liguria is a huge park between Liguria and Nueva Liguria, designed to integrate urban environment and nature and to practice sports.