List of companies in Karvaland

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This is a list of notable companies with primary headquarters located in Karvaland. State-owned entities are marked in pink, whilst organisations which have ceased operations are included and noted as defunct.

Name Industry Sector Headquarters Founded Multinational
Casa Frango Consumer services Restaurants & bars Kingsport, NH 1987 Yes (TBD) Restaurant. Private company
cf. Nando's
Delaney Industries Consumer Good Household Goods & Home Construction Clayton Castle, RR 1946 Yes (Ingerish Commonwealth flag.png Ingerish Commonwealth ) Garden equipment and hardware (KSX:DLI)
cf. AMES Australasia
John Dean Industries Industrials Building materials & fixtures Kingsport, NH 1888 Yes (Ingerish Commonwealth flag.png Ingerish Commonwealth Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States) Building products conglomerate (KSX:JDI)
cf. James Hardie Industries
K Logistics Industrials Delivery services Kingsport, NH 1842 Yes (TBD) Logistics, general stevedores (KSX:KLG)
cf. Qube Holdings
Karvaland Railways Industrials Industrial transportation Duncaster, NH 1874 No - Domestic only Integrated railways
Levers Consumer Good Household Goods & Home Construction Clayton Castle, RR 1922 Yes (TBD) Garden equipment and hardware. Private company
cf. Victa
Picknchews Consumer services Retail Duncaster, NH 1989 Yes (TBD) Convenience stores (KSX:PIK)
cf. 7-Eleven

Notable domestic subsidiaries

Name Industry Parent company Founded Notes

Notable international subsidiaries

Overseas companies with subsidiaries based in Ingerland.

Name Country Parent company Industry > Sector Founded Notes

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