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Litvanian Airlines
Former logo
Founded2nd May, 1931
Commenced operations10th September, 1931
Operating basesLoravia International Airport, Litvenska Flaga.jpg Litvania
Secondary hubsMolburg-Osina International Airport
Focus citiesTarott, Bend, Drahns
Frequent-flyer programAirMiles
Airport loungeExclusives Lounges
SubsidiariesLitvania AirCargo
Fleet size179
Company sloganYour Airline.
HeadquartersAviaPark, Loravia, Litvania
Litvanian flag carrier.

Litvanian Airlines AS, previously known as Litvanka from 1931 to 1984[1], is an airline and the flag-carrier of Litvania. It operates scheduled services to destinations in Uletha, Tarephia, Antarephia and Archanta. The airline was formed and commenced operations in 1931, after a Loravian entrepreneur, Jakov Ladovic[2], started a small mail carrier business which helped supply and connect the difficult to access northern regions of Litvania through air. Today, the airline operates a fleet of 179 aircraft to 30 destinations across the globe[3]. It is a member of the OneSky alliance[4], and shares it's code, LK, with over 5 other airlines. In August 2018, the airline announced it would switch to the Geolliance coalition in 2019[5]. The company is headquartered in a special park in Loravia, Litvania, dedicated to over 100 years of manned flight[6].


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Litvanian operates a fleet of mainly MIC aircraft, along with shorter range SAI twinjets for regional and special operation. The country's national aircraft manufacturer signed an exclusive mainline deal with the airline in March 2005, eliminating competition with foreign aerospace companies. This was met with controversy, and Litvanian officials have stated it will nullify the deal by 2020.

Litvanian operates the following aircraft as of August 2018:

Aircraft In Service Orders Passangers Notes
MIC-M900 120 - 150-160 Worldwide launch customer, the mainine aircraft of the airline's fleet.
MIC-SC250 27 3 60-90 Used for regional routes around Uletha.
MIC-M800 5 - 380 Ultra-long haul four engine jet airliner. One, registration LK-ALVI, flies the monthly supply and scientist turnaround mission to the AN base on the Southern Islands.
MIC-SR256 16 - 50-60 Regional jet, to be replaced by aircraft from the the MIC ESHA programme.
SAI-210 11 - 84 Used on routes to and from Western Uletha, and for special air services.

Accidents and Incidents

  • 11th January 1934, Litvanka Flight 265 from Drahns to Loravia, was forced to land in Litvanian Koln after the engine mysteriously failed halfway during the flight.
  • 23rd March 1939, Litvanka Flight 678 from Khaiwoon to Santjana crashed on approach into Santjana Anola Fiorii Airport, after the engine failed, resulting in a stall and crash. All 120 passengers and crew were killed on impact.
  • 5th September 1947, a Litvanka Lit-26B fell out of the sky near Beranov, Drabantia. The aircraft was identified as a flight from Drahns to Tressen, however the cause of the accident is unknown, since there was no investigation due to the primitive technology at the time. The remains of the aircraft were sent to the National Museum of Loravia.
  • 12th May 1971, Litvanka Flight 91 was hijacked by three armed men of the National Front, who demanded that the aircraft be flown to St. Richards for negotiations over a new resolution preventing immigration to AN countries. The pilots complied, but the hijackers refused to accept the fuel limit. In consequence, the aircraft ran out of fuel over Mirgorod, stalled and crashed into the Great Rift Sound. All 235 people on board perished.
  • 1st December 1988, a Litvanka Flight 5 from Loravia bound for Dunwic was caught in a hailstorm and blizzard on approach. The cockpit windshield was destroyed, causing a rapid decompression, incapacitating the crew. The aircraft crashed just 6 miles short of runway 08. Only 35 of the 156 people on board survived.
  • On the 7th February, 2014 a MIC-M800 went into a circling pattern for around 2 hours around Khaiwoon International Aiport. After being granted permission for landing, the aircraft entered its final heading and started a descent onto runway 28L, and deployed its landing gear. When only about 1000ft above ground, the Khaiwoon ATC notified the pilots that the aircrafts gear was not down, and the aircraft was in for a belly landing. after all emergency procedures and attempts to lower the gear were carried out, the MIC-M800 started running out of fuel. It made a safe belly landing maneuver on runway 28L in Khaiwoon at 13:50, and emergency services rushed to the site. No one was injured, and the two pilots were declared a national heroes in Litvania. A month later, the aircraft; registration LK-DFGA was signed off, and 3 months later, MIC Aerospace declared the issue a hydraulic system failure, and they claimed to have fixed it in all aircraft after the "Khaiwoon Incident".[7]


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