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The Wiki exists to describe the places mapped in the OpenGeofiction world.

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Municipalities of the Jade Coast Metropolitan Area
The Jade Coast Metropolitan Area, also referred to as Greater Tarkenton, is the second-largest metropolitan area in Castine. Located in the far south of the country, the Jade Coast stretches from the United Tegian Republic border north along the coast for approximately 40 kilometers and extends inland for roughly the same distance. Its largest city is Tarkenton with 449000 inhabitants.

The Jade Coast Metropolitan Area experiences a tropical wet and dry climate, although isolated microclimates exist. The southern portion of Castine is the wettest in the nation and the Jade Coast receives an abundance of rainfall during its relatively lengthy wet season, which runs from April through November. The dry season, although short, is very pronounced, and it is not uncommon for most weather stations in the area to record no precipitation at all in January and February. This climate results in a heavily wooded terrain of mixed evergreen and deciduous forest, with the deciduous trees losing their foliage during the dry season. The exception to this are the slopes of the Weeping Peaks and other highlands where evergreen tropical jungle dominates.

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Lemon King has created a beautiful capital, Blöndel for the great nation of Bloregia.

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Highly realistic map from the 1934 World Fair in Ambrosia, used in a quality wiki article and associated with some great mapping by User:Newflanders

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