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The Wiki exists to describe the places mapped in the OpenGeofiction world.

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View from Royal Shipyards
Wiwaxmouthe is the capital of Wiwaxia. The city proper has 1.29 million residents and the metro area is 2.1 million. It is the largest city in Wiwaxia, with extensive transportation links including two major train stations, the Wiwax Pargiter International Airport and major highways W301, W331, W341 and R21. Wiwaxmouthe is the seat of government, with both Parliament and the royal palace of Excelsior. It is also home to the country's primary naval base, the Royal Admiralty.

The first settlements at the mouth of the RIver Wiwax date from c. 270. Archeologists have found axe heads and the remains of fires that predate this, but the foundations of several large shelters from c. 270-320 were found during excavations made in the cleanup of contamination on Cog Island in 1977 are acknowledged to be the first permanent settlements in the area.

The first recorded history is of the Abbey of St. Kenelm and the little village that grew up around it, founded c. 1530 originally by Kalmish monks. However, it wasn't until more than a century later when the Ingerish gained a permanent foothold that construction began on the LIttle Mother Palace, which was the true beginning of the city of Wiwaxmouthe. Built for the Ingerish Governor between 1637-1638, the spot for the palace was chosen for its strategic position. Later governors reinforced the palace and also had Wiwax Greatkeep built on the other side of the river, as well as the Great Church. With the safety that the Little Mother Palace and the GreatKeep provided, the village that had sprung up around the palace became a town, expanding towards St. Kenelm Abbey.

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Did you know...

  • ... that in Wiwaxia, men did not gain the right to vote until 1875?
  • ... that one of the football teams of Taparello, in Latina, is known as the "Rats?" '
  • ... that Khaiwoon's "most famous ambassadors" are a 10-year-old cartoon detective and a talking rabbit? '
  • ... that Aaby in Zylanda is famous for its "Exotikkwarta", the "exotic" neighbourhood with temples of many religions and shops selling world cuisines?
  • ... that 100% of the electricity on Nahuwa Atoll (pictured) is now supplied by solar power?

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Istria in Antharia, first capital of the Antharian Kingdom, by Stjur.

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70vargurecto.png 70varguverso.png

70-vark banknote, front and back, from the country of Řots. (Created by user Rasmus Rasmusson).

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