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9, -42.695, 145.352
State of Makaska
Makobashpe Maka Ska
Flag of Makaska
FlagState Seal
"Au sein des eaux claires et neiges blanches, prospérité."
Amidst clear waters and white snows, prosperity.
Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
Largest cityOhunkagan
Official languagesIngerish, Rakhoda
 • Regional languagesFranquese
 • GovernorJared J. Lucian
 • Lieutenant GovernorMichelle Perrault
LegislatureLegislature of the State of Makaska
 • Upper houseState Senate
 • Lower houseState Assembly
 • Total17831.67 km2
6884.85 sq mi
 • Estimate (2017)4132580

Makaska is a constituent state in the Federal States of Archanta, located in the south central "lakes" region along the southern borader, on a broad isthmus between the two large lakes, Lake "A" and Lake "B".

Makaska shares its isthmus with Oshweken to the north. To the south it has international boundaries with Brieland and Spero. To the west across the narrow Strait of Saint Michael, which is part of Lake "A", lies the state of Seneppi.


The name "Makaska" derives from the Rakhoda language phrase "maka ska," which means "white land" or "white earth." It is not clear whether this references an area of white and light-colored stone along the shores of Lake Ohunkagan, or whether this is simply a reference to the extensive and long-lasting snow covers of a typical Makaskan winter.

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