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The Malliorian First Football League(Malliorian: Prva maliorska nogometna liga), also known as Prva MNL, 1.MNL or MFFL, is the top Malliorian professional football league competition, established in 1937 in Nikkeltown (mal. Nikolovac). NK Junak Nikolovac (ing. Hero Nikkeltown FC) is the current champion for season 2015-16. Out of 79 titles overall, NK Marijan with 31 title is the most successful club in league.


The league was formed in June 1937, by merging First Rikata League, Parklay Primary League and Brunweach League. In the beginning, 14 teams participated in the league. The first bigger reforms happened in 1966 when system of giving a 2 points for a win was replaced with giving 3 points. Also, number of teams in league was reduced on 10. The latest change was adopted in 1999, when the number of teams was extended on 12.

Since 1999, every team plays 33 matches, three with every other team in league. Each season starts in August and ends in May. Twelfth team is directly relegated in lower for next season, Malliorian Second Football League (Druga MNL/MSFL). Eleventh and tenth-placed team play a special match. The loser of match is relegated in MSFL. If 10th placed team has advantage of 5 or more points in front of 11th team, 11th team directly goes in MSFL for next season without special match. The best two teams from MSFL directly go in MFFL for next season.

Season 2015-16

Position Team Points
1 NK Junak Nikolovac 77
2 NK Parklaj 60
3 NK Marijan 59
4 MNK Istočnjak 49
5 NK Brunovo 42
6 MNK Titan Draganj 42
7 NK Lukićevo 41
8 NK Arteks 39
9 MNK Sv. Šimun 23
10 MNK Perijek 20
11 NK Rikatski 13
12 NK Knez 11

League winners 2006-2016

Year Team
2006 NK Arteks
2007 NK Marijan
2008 NK Junak Nikolovac
2009 MNK Istočnjak
2010 NK Junak Nikolovac
2011 NK Parklaj
2012 NK Junak Nikolovac
2013 NK Brunovo
2014 NK Parklaj
2015 NK Junak Nikolovac
2016 NK Junak Nikolovac