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Mampu Delgado in 2014.

Mampu Delgado (born 1987) is a Balonese racecar driver. He drives for HareSpeed Racing.

In 2008, Delgado joined the Premier Formula. He became part of the Marianan team Atenis Racing. Because of his very good prestation that season, he moved to the team Verde y Blanco in 2009. 4 years later HareSpeed Racing, one of the best teams in the Premier Formula, became his new team.

Delgado drives with the number 87, because these are the two last numbers of his year of birth.

Premier Formula career

Mampu Delgado began his Premier Formula career in 2008. He raced for the team Atenis Racing. The next year he changed from team and started driving for the Ardispherian team Verde y Blanco. In 2013, HareSpeed Racing from Freedemia became his new team.

Awards and achievements
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