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15, 20.5883, 86.4507
Márangwei Cietie
 • DistrictHarley District
Ethnic Groups
 • MayorJojas Radigen
 • Representative MayorUinta Chachal
 • Totaltbd km2
 • Urbantbd km2
 • Ruraltbd km2
Elevation185 m (607 ft)
 • Estimate (2016)38,077
 • Census (tbd)tbd
 • Density782/km2
tbd/sq mi
Postal Code3984
Telephone Code1444
Tram2 lines

Marangai is a town in Harley District located 50km south-west of Gobras City.


Marangai was founded in 1786 by gobrassian Conquisash due to its ideal location near a creek and in a fertile plain near the capital city. The first mayor of Marangai was Edowa Utaha, a huntress and high militia of Gobrassanya. The town started to develop relations with the native people of the middle plains and the native and settler cultures began to combine soon. Marangai was an important trading placce in the first half of the 18th century.

1796 Patriot Acts fire

On May 3, 1796 Janna and Roberts Thuck layed a fire near the mayor hall of Marangai. In this fire 20% of the town burned down and got completely destroyed. The arsonists were captured five days after the fire was layed. Some remains of the fire are still visible today in the Marangai Museum of History (MMH).

1888 buffalo week

From June 12 to June 17, 1888, the water supply of Marangai was slight. Many people died of dehydration and heatstroke. The last precipitation has been fallen on June 3 and the lakes and rivers started to dry out almost everywhere at central Gobrassanya. The amount of inhabitants sunk with a daily water income of circa 0.5 liter per person per day.

1993 Super sunday tornado

In the night of 29 August to 30 August 1993 a F3 tornado destroyed the historical core of the town. 39 people were killed and 394 injured. Over 4000 became homeless. main article Super-sunday tornado outbreak



Street traffic

Marangai is connected well in all directions. All highways can be reached in less than 5 minutes from the town center. The best fast connection to northbound or southbound places is given by the A 51 highway, which crosses the Marangai Expressway south of Marangai.


Marangai District Organisation.png
Number District Inhabitants Notes
2 Downtown 3,639 Modern center of Marangai
1 Old Marangai 3,990 Historical center of Marangai
3 Sandy Hooks 2,250
8 Landrauver 4,920
2 Downtown East 1,394
12 Chockton 1,000
13 Macchuna Park 1,750
6 Cancelier 2900
7 Glanchest 396
5 Fairbank 1,295
11 Ascal 2,104
9 Mudwale 1,009
10 Swagton Park 496
13 Elk Woods 1,405
13,14 Clever 3,330
14 Frasnel 979
15 Eastside Gorton 600
15 Gorton 6,620 Largest suburb
Marangai District 40,077

Historical Town

The historical town is the centre of Marangai.


Gorton was planned as a satellite city to contains as many people as possible. However the plan was replaced by the idea of a utopia project. The town of Gorton was built in 2010 after 6 years of discussion about the landuse. With its attractive location near Warké creek and its possibilities of shopping the project Gorton is a huge success for the investors. It is the second largest suburb of Marangai with 6620 inhabitants.


Landrauver (Nat. gobr.: Landarovura) is a suburb in western Marangai. It counts 4920 inhabitants and is the second largest suburb of Marangai. The area is often used by families and middle class people.