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12, 29.8881, 121.1226
 • RegionCounty Marella
Location of Markham in Wiwaxia
Location of Markham in Wiwaxia
Ethnic Groups
Wiwaxians (94%), Other (6%)
NationalitiesWiwaxians (96%), Ataraxians (1%),Other (3%)
DemonymMarkhamian (colloquially "Marmies")
 • MayorOlivia Berwald
 • Estimate (2014)380,245

Markham, situated on the south shore of Lake Marella, the middle of the three Marella lakes in Wiwaxia, has a metropolitan population of 380,000. The large towns of Summerhayes and Cadwallader Station as well as the much smaller St. Palk-on-the-Mere are calculated outside the metro area – only the suburbs on Lake Marella and immediately south and west of Markham are included.

Markham Metropolitan Area


Markham, like Tilney and Wiwaxmouthe, was likely the site of early settlement by the Edicarian people. Although the evidence is inconclusive, archeologists have recovered what appear to be cooking fire remains from c. 500, roughly the same time period as the Tilney and [[Wiwaxmouthe settlements. The current city was settled by Undine, the Countess of Markham, in 1662.

Places of Interest

The old St. Osmund quarter of Markham has a cluster of old buildings from the time of the founding of the city. The oldest sections of Markham Castle, which has seen many additions over the centuries, date from 1667. Likewise, St. Osmund chapel, to the south of the castle, and St. Lucilla Cathedral date from this time. Clary Mill, across from St. Osmund's Wood, is one of the few intact mills from the 1600s in Wiwaxia. Bliss Abbey, north of the wood, has a historical cloister with renowned herb gardens.

Clary Mill in the old town.

Outside of the oldest sections of the city, the original buildings of the Markham Institute hospital from 1833 are still standing, several blocks northeast of the beautiful Lakeside Train Station and Lakeside Hotel, which date from 1877 and 1879 respectively.


The Marella Lake Forum is the home arena for football club Markham FC. The Markham Tennis Club hosts the Marella Lakes Open every September.


Markham is served by the Marella Highway W301 and the Willmore-Markham Expressway W401, as well as the Lakeside Train Station, with trains to and from Willmore, Pargiter, Verney, Starkadder with connections north, east and south as well as to Vyse, with connections to Stanleyville, Ataraxia. Three Lakes Regional Airport provides air service to cities throughout Wiwaxia.

Markham-Merewell Market and the Canals

In 1797, Queen Eglantine II granted a charter for the development of canals between Lake Morella and Merewell Lake, and Merewell Lake and the River Wiwax, to connect Wiwaxmouthe to Markham. Construction took over ten years and the canals opened in 1811. The town of Markham-Merewell Market, which for a brief period in the late 1600s had been more important than Markham in terms of commerce, regained some prominence with the opening of the Marella Tollhouse where the canal enters Lake Marella, allowing it to again have outsize importance in controlling commerce around the lake. Its power was short-lived however, when Countess Louise of Markham successfully petitioned the crown for the rights to control the tolls. Markham-Merewell Market remains the county seat, however.