Monarchy of Eshein

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The Royal Coat Of Arms. It's Greater Form serves as the Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Eshein

The Kingdom of Eshein was founded in 1806 by Queen Angela The Founder.
There are three main ideas behind the establishment of Eshein as kingdom:

  • Uniting Keswerg and Atelfain into one functioning country by pleasing the Ingran Eshens and the Mergan Eshens by making Angela the queen, both sides saw her as the rightful queen.
  • The best govening method he rebellious Ingrans knew
  • They believed that kingdom will be more strong than anythin else, so Ingerland or Midistland won't claim it back.

Current line of succession

  • Simple silver crown.svg King Owneheyn III (1916-1979)
    • Simple gold crown.svg Queen Helena
      • 1.Maykel Kelter, Lord of Fyordberayk
        • 2.James II Kelter-Hafener
        • 3.Magnus Kelter-Hafener
        • 4.Henrik Kelter-Hafener
      • 5.Victoria Kelter-Palmer, Lady of Vastberayk
        • 6.Liam Palmer
        • 7.Rikard Plamer
      • 8.Lyanna Kelter-Rüek, Lady of leykberayk
        • 9.Yörgen Rüek
      • 10.Allyson Kelter
    • 11.Arlent Halensk II, Lord of Estberayk
      • 12.Lyllian Rhubarb-Oppenheimer, Lady of Ryvaarberayk
        • 13.Antony Oppenheimer
        • 14.Sonya Oppenheimer
      • 15.William Rhubarb, Lord of Sutberayk
        • 16.Anna Rhubarb
    • 17.Luyz Rhubarb-Mayer
      • 18.Henry Mayer
        • 19.Elayza Mayer
      • 20.Rikard Mayer
        • 21.Hanson Mayer
        • 22.Fyona Mayer
      • 23.Jason Mayer
      • 24.Albert Mayer
    • 25.Robert Rhubarb
      • 26.Sofia Rhubarb-Crone
        • 27.Allen Crone
        • 28.Kamila Crone
        • 29.Gily Crone
      • 30.Hugo Rhubarb
      • 31.Kolins Rhubarb


The title "Lord" or its feminine equivalent, "Lady", is given to the first six people in the line of succession who are legally parents of at least one child. Back when the lordship institute was established by Queen Angela, The Founder, she wanted to iincrease the chances that every lord will have a foretold successor. The six lordship titles were determined by the first division of Krayks, therefor there are only 6 titles and not 10, as the number of Krayks today. In the past it was common for the Lord to live with his/her family in the land of their title, but today only few do so.

  • Lord of Fyordberayk- the title of the 1st person in line of succession that is parenting a child, usually the crown prince/ess or a sibling of the monarch.
    Current holder of the title: Prince Maykel
    Official residence: The Fyrrener, Firen.
  • Lord of Vastberayk- the title of the 2nd person in line of succession that is parenting a child.
    Current holder of the title: Princess Victoria
    Official residence:Folkbergen.
  • Lord of Leykberayk- the title of the 3rd person in line of succession that is parenting a child.
    Current holder of the title: Princess Lyanna
    Official residence: Flemmen Palace, Flemmen.
  • Lord of Estberayk- the title of the 4th person in line of succession that is parenting a child.
    Current holder of the title: Prince Arlent II
    Official residence: Queen Sofia's House, Eym.
  • Lord of Ryvaarberayk- the title of the 5th person in line of succession that is parenting a child.
    Current holder of the title: Lady Lyllian
    Official residence: The Royal Residence in Northriver, Northriver.
  • Lord of Sutberayk- the title of the 6th person in line of succession that is parenting a child.
    Current holder of the title: Lord William
    Official residence: The New Palace, Imperium.


List of Monarch
Name Reign Family House Birth Marriage(s) and Children Death Folkhergens
Angela Charlotte Mary Halensk-Rewirton
45 years
Rewirton Rewirton EsheinCoat.png 1781 Ingerland-flag.png Ingerland
  • Whotch of Atecoma del Norte 1806
  • Whotch II
  • William (Wilhelm) Halensk
  • Owneheym
1852 Esheinflag.png Eshein
(aged 70)
1ts (1810) - 9th
Owneheym James Maykel Halensk
21 years
Halensk Halensk EsheinRoyalCoat.png 1807 Esheinflag.png Eshein
  • Agness Kott
  • James
  • Felicia
  • Olivia
1870 Esheinflag.png Eshein
(aged 63)
9th - 12th
James Owneheym Edward Halensk
51 years
Halensk Halensk EsheinRoyalCoat.png 1831 Esheinflag.png Eshein
  • Lyanna Frisk
  • Rebekka Traub
  • Owneheym
  • Wilma
1921 Esheinflag.png Eshein
(aged 90)
13th - 23rd
Owneheym II
Owneheym Edward Georg Halensk
13 years
Halensk Halensk EsheinRoyalCoat.png 1860 Esheinflag.png Eshein
  • Leah
  • Arlent
1934 Esheinflag.png Eshein
(aged 74)
23rd - 25th
Leah Helena Angela Rhubarb-Halensk
31 years
Halensk Halensk EsheinRoyalCoat.png 1886 Esheinflag.png Eshein
  • Yörgen Rhubarb
  • Owneheym
  • Mary
  • Elayza
1965 Esheinflag.png Eshein
(aged 79)
25th - 31st
Ownehwym III
Ownehwym Rikard Whotch Rhubarb-Halensk
17 years
Rhubarb Halensk EsheinRoyalCoat.png 1916 Esheinflag.png Eshein
  • Victoria Kükgler
  • Helena
  • Arlent
  • Luyz
  • Robert
1979 Esheinflag.png Eshein
(aged 62)
31st - 34th
Helena Angela Margaret Kelter-Halensk
38 (41) years so far
1979-Now (de facto from 1976)
Rhubarb Halensk EsheinRoyalCoat.png 1946 Esheinflag.png Eshein
  • Rikard Kelter
  • Maykel
  • Victoria
  • Lyanna
  • Allyson
N/A 34th - 42nd (so far)
Maykel Owneheym James Kelter-Halensk N/A Kelter Halensk EsheinRoyalCoat.png 1971 Esheinflag.png Eshein
  • Nikolas Hafener
  • James
  • Magnus
  • Henrik
Queen Angelna "The Founder" in 1807
Queen Leah in 1936 with her second daughter, Mary
King Owneheym's Coronation in New Tyrrin cathedral

Queen Angela

Queen Angela in 1821

Angela Charlotte Mary Halensk-Rewirton , (Eshen: ['ɑːnɡɛlɑː], Ingerish: ['ɛndʒɛlɑː]) Mostly known as Queen Angela "The Founder") was born in January 3, 1781 in Winburgh as Princesses Angela Rewirton and as the third child of the royal couple and was raised in the palace untill 1806, when she turned 25. In January 12, 1806 she got married with the king of "Atacoma del Norte", Midistland, and as wedding present, her father (king of Ingerland) allowed her husband, king Whotch,to rule the Ingerish colony of New Colsex (while keeping it Ingerish-owned and under Ingerish law). In their wedding night, King Whotch raped her and in that moment she understood that she isn't build for this kind of life so a month after their wedding she was pregnant but also with a plan for a rebellion. In September 9, 1806, she gave birth to her first child, Whotch II. The fact that she had her fist baby only reinforced her understatement that she could no longer be her husband's play doll and she has to get away from Midistland in order to give her baby a decent childhood as soon as possible. After nine months of planning and gathering an army she decided they were ready to rebel. She started her escape late at nigh with a couple of her best maids. She took her baby and set the entire palace in Tengah on fire. She and her small group of allays ran to the harbor and sailed to the Ingrish colony of New Colsex, which had a very loose authority, while the city burned behind her. The 20th of October, 1806 was the day that the Eshen Revolutionary War has begone. On this winter day, Angela and her army arrived to the shores of the colony and they started to fight the Ingrans and the Midistlandese there, with Angela in the lead.

King Owneheym

King Owneheym in 1851

Owneheym James Maykel Halensk, (['oʊnɛheɪm]) was born in December 23, 1807 in Deersdon, Eshein.

King James

King James in 1871

James Owneheym Edward Halensk , (Eshen: ['dʒæms], Ingerish: ['dʒeɪms]) was born in May 4, 1831 in New Tyrrin, Eshein.

King Owneheym II

King Ownehwym in 1921

Owneheym II Edward Georg Halensk, (['oʊnɛheɪm]) was born in April 7, 1860 in New Tyrrin, Eshein.

Queen Leah

Queen Leah in 1934

Leah Helena Angela Halensk, (Eshein: ['lɪæ], Ingerish: ['lɪɑː]) was born in August 15, 1886 in New Tyrrin, Eshein.

King Owneheym III

King Owneheym III in 1970

Ownehwym III Rikard Whotch Halensk, (['oʊnɛheɪm]) was born in April 30, 1916 in New Tyrrin, Eshein.

Queen Helena

Main article: Queen Helena
Queen Helena in 2016

Helena Angela Margaret Halensk, (Eshein: ['hɛlɛnæ], Ingerish: ['hɛlænɑː]) was born in may 18, 1846 in New Tyrrin, Eshein.


Blaovær Sloter

Blaovær Palace from the back

The Blaovær Sloter (Ingerish: Bluewater Palace), also known as "Grose Sloter" (Biggest Palace), is the Biggest royal palace in Eshein. Although it is the official home of the Eshen monarch, queen Helena lives in Langervynterr Palace. The palace is a very important building in Eshein because it symbolizes the freedom and the courage of the first queen and her supporters and it stands for all the values of Eshein. The palace appears on the 10 Eshen Toller bill.

Langervynterr Sloter

Langervynterr Palace, view from the gardens

The Langervynterr Sloter (Ingerish: Longwinter Palace), also known as "Liten Sloter" (Little Palace), is the second biggest palace in New Tyrrin and the third largest in Eshein.It used to be the home of some less important members of the royal family, like the monarch's uncles, aunts and cousins but it became the official residence of The King and Queen after Queen Leah Helena, her husbend, King Yörgen, and their children moved in after she was crowned, in 1934.

Flemmen Sloter