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Nederlandia is a region of the principality of Vega, in the southern part of the country. Dutch is co-official with Castilian in this region. In South Nederlandia (Zuid-Nederlandia) Dutch is widely spoken, especially in the city of Leiden, capital of the region, and founded by Dutchmen in 1687 coming from Van Pelt, in the Holland region of Latina. Therefore, the city of Leiden is one of the oldest cities in Vega.

Flag of Nederlandia

The flag of Nederlandia makes reference to the former colony, with the colours of the Dutch flag and the orange colour.


Nederlandia limits to the west with Valle de Granada, north-west with Los Lagos, north with Valdecorneja, east with Victoria and the south is the coast of the South Sea.

The region is divided in two provinces. Noord Nederlandia / Nederlandia Septentrional, which capital is the city of Bloemmolen, is divided from west to east by the Victoria Range; the northern part gives waters to River Vega and the southern part to River Berkel. In Noord-Nederlandia, around 45% of the population speaks Castilian, especially in the Vega Valley. Zuid-Nederlandia is mostly a flat area in the Berkel Valley, known as Berkelland, with some hills in the northeastern side; its capital is Leiden, which is the capital of Nederlandia and most populated city of the region.


The population of the province is 1,350,087 inhabitants, concentrated in Leiden urban area (around 850,000). Density of population is higher in coastal areas, especially in Leiden.

Largest cities or towns in Nederlandia

Rank Name Population
1 Leiden 453,330
2 Bloemmolen 117,902
3 Ouderkerk aan der Berkel 84,509
4 Castellum 66,047
5 Carlicum 52,874



Several highways of the National Highway Network of the principality run on the region, communicating the main urban areas. This network is completed with the complementary Provincial Highway Networks:

Highway From/To Section
A1 Vega - Langraiz
A15 Leiden - Tedra Leiden to Arestia (in Valdecorneja)
A16 Leiden - San Jorge Leiden to Bazano (in Los Lagos)
A24 Bloemmolen - Silea

Main National Roads communicate Leiden and Bloemmolen with the closest capitals, and there is an extensive Regional Highway Network, especially in Leiden.


Leiden has the third harbour in Vega in importance, after Eraso, and the complex harbour of Vega - Sálvora. The harbour has a sea part (Zeehaven) and a river part (Riviërenhaven), and is almost as extense as the city itself.


The airport of Berkelland - Leiden is the main airport in the region, and it is 10 km north of Leiden. Although most of its destinations are national, there are some international flights as well.

Train infrastructure


Metro and Tram

See Metro de Leiden