Neuf Aérospace

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Neuf Aérospace
FounderSpencer Marks
HeadquartersÉlisabethville, Côte d'Argent, Grand-Est, Ataraxia
Area Served Worldwide
Service(s)Aircraft maintenance
Number of employees130,000

Neuf Aérospace is an Ataraxian multinational aerospace company based in Élisabethville, Ataraxia. Neuf was founded in 1925 to manufacture military planes for the nascent Ataraxian Air Force. It later began making civilian aircraft, including the world's first supersonic passenger plane. Today, Neuf Aérospace manufactures a wide range of military and civilian aircraft, as well as many components for the Ataraxian space program in partnership with other private manufacturers and the Ataraxian Space Agency (Ataraxian: Agence Spatiale Ataraxienne, ASA).