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8, -40.930, 157.104
State of New Carnaby
New Carnaby
FlagState Seal
"Union and Progress"
Location of New Carnaby (Gold) inside the FSA (Red)
Constituent state ofFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
Largest cityStanton
 • GovernorTBD
 • Vice GovernorTBD
 • Estimate (2018)xxx
GDP (PPP)2018
 • Total$
 • Per capita$
TimezoneWUT +9

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New Carnaby is a constituent state in the Federal States of Archanta, located in the Southeast Region at the Ardentic Ocean. The largest city of the state is Stanton while the state's capital city is Waltmore.


From the flat shore of the Ardentic Ocean near Stanton, the hilly middle part of the state, the wide land west of the watershed between the Carnaby River and the Bluegill River, and the western mountains at the boundary to Nipewa the state of New Carnaby has many different landscapes.

In the southwest at the boundaries to Culpepper and Astrantia and in the north at the boundary to Arghenna are some mountain ranges, up to 1000 m. Between these ranges flows the Carnaby River, the greatest river of the state, like a door into the sea. The water of the middle part of New Carnaby runs into this river. In the delta one great branch of the Carnaby River in Stanton is named the Alder River and a smaller branch the Bronzeville River.

A smaller mountain range up to 700 m divides the plain in the valley of the Bluegill River from the middle part of the state and a higher range (up to 1300 m) the valley of the Bluegill River from the state of Nipewa in the west.


The most remarkable rivers of New Carnaby are

  • Carnaby River (see [1])
  • Pike River (see [2])
  • Bluegill River (see [3]) in the western part of the state
  • Falcon River (see [4]) from the southeastern hills to the sea in Stanton
  • Beaver River (see [5]) also from the southeastern hills to the Carnaby River

The second greatest river is the Pike River, which brings the water of the northern part of hilly Mid-New Carnaby to the Carnaby River. Other great rivers that empty into the Carnaby River are the Two Lakes River, the Beaver River and the Walkyre River.

Independent in the eastern part of the state is the Falcon River with its own system, which collects the water from the mountains at the Culpepper border and has its rivermouth in Stanton.

In the western part of New Carnaby the Bluegill River brings the water to the north, run through the state of Gilliad and near Anne Abbey (state Newlynn) in the sea.

The most remarkable waterfalls are the Van Couteren Fall of the Carnaby River (see [6]) and the Beaver Rapids (see [7])

The 49 counties in New Carnaby (Stanton City in yellow)

State Parks

Wide areas in New Carnaby are under natur protection. There are a lot of state parks, where plants and animals are sheltered. An area of 1863 km² can be used from visitors. The Sullivan Nature Reserve with 420 km² may not be visited and will be untached of human presence. Here are living bears and lynx and all will be let, as the nature will let go it. Only some rangers and students of biology will see, what happens.

Parks, that can be visited, are:

  • Black Duck State Park = 262 km²
  • Burke County State Park = 91 km²
  • Duggans Hills State Park = 57 km²
  • Foxland State Park = 285 km²
  • Morgan State Park = 87 km²
  • Silverwood State Park = 207 km²
  • South Arghenna Mountains State Park = 293 km²
  • Sugambry Hills State Park = 317 km²
  • Sullivan State Park = 153 km²
  • Wilcox Wood State Park = 264 km²


  • 1610 Founding the city of Stanton
  • 1615 Founding the fort at Fork Town - now Waltmore
  • 1701 Fork Town, renamed as Waltmore, become Capital of New Carnaby
  • 1839 First railway line Stanton-Southside - Belleville
  • 1840 First long distance railway Stanton Manheart - Bourdon - Waltmore - Creedle

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Government and politics


The tricoloured flag shows green for the land and its fertility, blue for sea and trade and white for the hope of succes and unity. The eagle is the symbol of freedom. "Union and Progres" as motto and the one star say, that the unity of the former colony will be the basic for its evolution.


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The state of New Carnaby is divided in 49 counties. The six counties Manheart, Bronzeville, Bruchlinie, Southside, Weybirton and Meadows are included to the city of Stanton. The counties Aldergate, Beaver, Belleville, Colsex, Westham and Winnetethla around Stanton are collectd to the Stanton Metropolitan Area (SMA), which made an informell council for devellopement and oeconomic.

The town of Blor is the seat of Six Lakes county (in which Blor lay) and also the seat of Blorland county nearby. Both counties formerly were one county and divided 1856 into this both new counties.

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List of Counties

Name Seat km² sq mi inhabitants each km² each sq mi tel-code ZIP-Code map remark
Aldergate Sloppers 1465.35 567.32 yyy 1111... [8]
Ashhills Yallop 1715.41 662.32 yyy 1142... [9] north-central county
Barley Three Rivers 2791.93 1077.97 yyy 1154... [10] western county
Beaver Pacamoquil 1438.12 556.26 yyy 1112 [11]
Belleville Belleville 370.84 143.18 yyy 1108... / 1109... [12]
Black Duck Prattle 1194.53 461.21 yyy 1122... [13] south-eastern county
Black Swan Lake 1968.01 759.85 yyy 1139... [14] south-central county
Blorland Blor 542.19 209.34 yyy 1121... [15] south-eastern county
Brinkson Chestnuts 1315.74 508.01 yyy 1132... [16] south-central county
Bronzeville 265.21 102.40 1 955 804 7 440 19 275 yyy 1102... [17]
Bruchlinie 209.10 80.73 1 678 437 yyy 1103... [18]
Burke Pacowhenny 2890.88 1118.14 yyy 1137... [19] south-central county
Capital Waltmore 1197.46 462.34 yyy 1127... [20] south-eastern county
Copper Mountains 4292.85 1657.48 yyy 1151... [21] western county
Delorme Endeavour 4101.20 1583.48 94,528 23 60 yyy 1149... [22] western county
Emily Catley 1262.93 487.62 yyy 1143... [23] north-central county
Fitzalan 2665.39 1029.35 yyy 1150... [24] western county
Forest Salmon Lake 3472.42 1340.71 yyy 1145... [25] north-central county
Forsyth 1963.97 758.29 yyy 1155... [26] western county
Hollister Barkley 2428.91 937.81 yyy 1138... [27] south-central county
Hope Brynswick 2620.46 1011.76 yyy 1134... [28] south-central county
Jefferson 2204.87 831.30 yyy 1148... [29] north-central county
King James Mellard Cross 1698.96 655.97 yyy 1135... [30] south-central county
Lincoln Zephyr 938.51 362.36 yyy 1128... [31] south-eastern county
Mallory 1816.23 701.26 yyy 1123... [32] south-eastern county
Manheart 86.71 33.48 634 637 yyy 1100... and 1101.. [33] highly inspired in Manhattan
Meadows 240.58 92.89 1 243 671 yyy 1104... [34]
Mohowenny Mohowenny 2658.02 1026.277 yyy 1147... [35] north-central county
Nenecowahukook Butterfield 2499.48 965.05 yyy 1131... [36] south-central county
New Colsex Colsex City 813.20 313.98 1 421 898 1 749 4 529 yyy 1107... [37]
New Kalm Stiefelbein 4068.59 1577.84 yyy 1144.. [38] north-central county
Pacuhanco Cissingly 1240.61 479.00 yyy 1113... [39]
Percy White Fox 2828.88 1092.24 yyy 1157... [40] western county
Pike River 2441.49 942.67 yyy 1130... [41] south-central county
Prairie 5265.41 2032.99 yyy 1152... [42] western county
Prangle Prangle 1239.43 479.55 yyy 1120... [43] south-eastern county
Rosiere Wasserstadt 2649.60 1023.02 100,038 yyy 1153... [44] western county inspired by Jeferson Co, NY with large Army base.
Silverwood Bonneville 2246.50 867.38 yyy 1158... [45] southern county
Six Lakes Blor 1170.51 451.94 yyy 1114... [46]
Star Creedle 1171.43 452.29 yyy 1125... [47] south-eastern county
Sullivan Wystermill 2578.02 995.38 yyy 1146... [48] north-central county
Southside 201.35 77.74 1 743 604 yyy 1105... [49]
Thompson Belarmy 2193.29 846.53 yyy 1156... [50] western county
Trouts Lakeend 2911.05 1123.96 yyy 1129... [51] south-eastern county
Walkyre Jerome 2318.41 895.14 yyy 1140... [52] north-central county
Waterfall 2954.55 1140.76 yyy 1133... [53] south-central county
Westham Clanston 1247.93 481.83 yyy 1110... [54]
Weybirton 339.55 131.10 1 245 672 yyy 1106... [55]
Wynnetethla Wynnetethla 1002.97 387.25 754,204 yyy 1115... [56] Suburb of Stanton. Inspired by Fairfax Co, VA & Nassau Co, NY with a naval academy & base.


... tbd ...

List of cities in New Carnaby (> 100 000 inhabitants)

name county km² sq mi inhabitants each km² each sq mi map remark
Stanton 1) 1 161.36 441.63 8 501 861 7 320.6 19.251.1 [57] only land area
Waltmore Capital 700 000 [58]
Belleville Belleville 620 000 [59]
Yallop Ashhills 550 000 [60]
Sadikady New Colsex 127.06 49.06 320 759 2 524 6 538 [61]
Chestnuts Brinkson 250 000 [62]
Three Rivers Barley 127 832 [63]
Doorham New Colsex 47.06 18.17 106 658 2 266 5 870 [64]

1) Stanton includes the counties of Bronzeville, Bruchlinie, Manheart, Meadows, Southside and Weybirton



Education and health care



New Carnaby state license plate
State roads in New Carnaby, western part

New Carnaby is crossed by motorways FS-1, FS-11, FS-13, FS-16, FS-20, FS-22 and FS-31. FS-101 is a short branch from FS-1 to Bellevile, FS-111 connects at both ends with FS-11 in Stanton and FS-201 connects the Stanton International Airport with FS-1 and FS-20.

State roads in New Carnaby, eastern part

State Streets

Early in New Carnaby are build some trunk-troads as state streets. Some of these roads were later upgraded to a FS-motorway. Trunk-roads, which not become a motorway or later new build trunk-roads carry the lower numbers of the state-roads in New Carnaby. The last numbering system was set in use 1988, as somme state-roads parallel to new motorways lost the status as state road and are downgraded to secondary roads. Therefore some few secondary roads can have a better standard as some state-roads.

From Waltmore, the capital of New Carnaby, start the state-street 1 to 3. State Street 1 is the connection from Southwest via Creedle and Waltmore to Stanton and route 91 a branch of State street 1. State Streets 4 to 9 , 93 and 94 are trunk roads around Stanton. Some of this trunk-roads nearly have the motorway-standard. State-roads on New Carnaby often (at 37 %) are so called "2+1"-streets. That means, that a second lane in each direction changes at some miles the allowed direction to drive for easy overtaking.

From and in Stanton run state streets 10 to 29 and some other. The other state steeets carry the following numbers from 30 to 82 and the newer trunk-roads are numbered in the 90-ies. The lower numbers are given in the eastern part of the state in the Stanton area. More to the western part of the state the numbering use the higher numbers.

Passenger Railways in New Carnaby


Stanton Union Station and Stanton Southern Station are the main railway hubs in New Carnaby for passenger traffic, may it be regional or interstate. Other knotpoints are Waltmore, Yallop, Chestnuts, Three Rivers, Wasserstadt, Mohowenny, Polkinghorne and Creedle.

From both railway-stations - Union Station and Southern Stations - a net of commuter-lines spread out in the outer parts of the city and the counties in the neighborhood or to the state of Penquisset. Details see Stanton Northern Commuter and Stanton Southern Link. An independent commuter-line is the SWC (Stanton Warwick Connector) between Stanton Downtown and Warwick Main Station on Penquisset. Another smaller net of commuter railways exist in Waltmore with three lines of the CCC Capital Commuter Company.

Regional passenger service in the state is operated by the NCMR, the New Carnaby Metronome Railway. The two formerly organisations "Union Railway" and "Stanton Southern Railway" since 1987 are put together to the NCMR.

The first railway in New Carnaby was a line from Pitcher Street in Stanton-Southside via the Ann'harbor way to Belleville along the Central Avenue there (in that time the southern end of town) to the port of Belleville. This line opened 1839. Subway line-5 now runs on this route. Next line 1840 was the line via Stanton Manheart, Bourdon, Hawk, Waltmore to Creedle, which today start from the Union Station.

Large freight yards are situated near Collievielle south of Stanton, in Stanton, Weybirton, Three Rivers, ........


In Stanton, one of the world's greatest subway networks is in service. In operation are 24 lines, running over tracks of more than 900 km. The subway of Stanton is well known for its express-service on extra-tracks.





Ice Hockey

Football/ Soccer


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