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This page is for managing territories in North Archanta and South Archanta. Applications will be listed here, along with current status. All applications must be made following the procedure at OGF:Territory assignment.

Date User Territory Status Notes
2020-02-26 Mahita AR050-03 Approved Beginner mapper
2020-02-21 Mikelatham AR056a Refused "develop a Latin country with a extensive rail network connecting several coastal cities and towns. With a temperate climate" - reserved for French language mapping... need mapping evidence... consider applying for a beginner territory in Archanta instead, or demonstrate mapping in the blue territories for a while
2020-02-21 poweikao AR910 Approved Swapping AN124: "Kaosha is an independent and heavily German-influenced nation with the majority of the population being Chinese. Kaosha should be hilly, if not mountainous... cities shall also be resembling their Taiwanese or Japanese counterparts in real life"
2020-02-19 Ūdilugbulgidħū AR920 Approved "relocate mapping out of of Niulutan-Riu ... to its own territory and expand" Asian theme
2020-02-17 theruler, JoJoBa, Rhiney boi, oneofbeatlefan, Infrarrojo AR067b Approved Detailed plan, in response to Special:WikiForum/Expression of interest: larger Archanta territories
2020-02-17 theruler, JoJoBa, Rhiney boi AR067 Approved Detailed plan, in response to Special:WikiForum/Expression of interest: larger Archanta territories
2020-02-17 jman2 AR120-33q Approved
2020-02-17 Warren J AR050-01 Approved Exchanging AR045-04
2020-02-17 KAB Multiple Refused 20+ territory requests over 9 messages, from user with 4 edits all in wrong place
2020-02-15 jbobinman AR120-35 Approved
2020-02-14 Lithium AR120-33k Approved Exchanging AR045-03d
2020-02-13 suburbandecay AR912 Approved Exchanging AR006: "more temperate climate to the north, with tropical influences to the south... Population density would therefore be most concentrated in the north-western panhandle, with the nation's capital projected as a large metropolitan area of no greater than 6 million inhabitants, bordering the Belphenian Sea. Other major cities would be located in the south, along the river bordering AR921; in the west bordering AR913... would draw from a combination of Ingerish, Castellanese and Bai influences"
2020-02-13 Naexma AR017b Approved Exchanging AR056f
2020-02-12 CartographerKing AR045-10d Approved Exchanging AR056g
2020-02-12 Katav AR045-01g Approved Exchanging AR056d
2020-02-09 newnw AR106d Approved Exchanging AR120-33s, "large city on the coast, ... a large jungle with little infrastructure and small villages in the back of the country"
2020-02-07 Penfawr97 AR100b Refused Need some edits in Blue territories first (zero edits)
2020-02-06 feesh AR050-07 Approved
2020-02-05 Tayyab AR050-07 Refused Need some edits in Blue territories first (zero edits)
2020-01-31 Brunanter AR120-33e Approved Massodeya county (second territory)
2020-01-30 Mtejku222 AR100b, AR002 Approved "something according to the environment of Malaysia/Indonesia"
2020-01-29 bootmii AR120-76 AR120-33r Approved Suggesting Massodeya county first, to demonstrate non-highway mapping
2020-01-29 KiAdiMeltan AR106d Refused Need some edits in Blue territories first (zero edits)
2020-01-23 Arisuaq AR050-16, AR107 Approved "poor country with some type of tribal language"
2020-01-23 Bob Lee AR017c Refused "a country Like the UAE called the Joint Emirates of Alimeia" - culture isn't going to fit in with the various themes in Archanta
2019-12-19 Lithium AR041c Refused Request to "downsize" from AR045-03d: "be able to work independently, and not in a collaborative territory... map in english... small amount of french... one big city, and a few other smaller towns. This would be a very developed country that is mostly rural land" - unfortunately English and French do not fit into the plans for that territory and region
2020-01-17 Arnik Hoetter AR106a Approved
2020-01-15 Fer Jiménez UL116a, UL131, AN146 or AR101 AR050-15 Approved Alternatives suggested.
2020-01-14 PLima785 AR916 AR041e Approved Alternatives suggested. "plan is to have a Portuguese/Mirandese country here"
2020-01-14 forkymapper AR027b Approved AR001b-03 released. "will be mostly based off of Mecyna names (I'm assuming a mix of English, Spanish, and a few other central-american-esque flares). The capital city will lie along the southern coast with a main river flowing through it, but no directly touching water; in other words a couple miles inland. The city will not be large, about a little larger than the size of Kingsbury in New Ingerland. The rest of the population would be scattered along the flat, rural parts. Some towns will be placed on the coast as well. The country will be mostly rural. Near the northern border will probably contain some hills (not large because of the isthmus). The government will most likely be Democratic Parliament (similar to Canada), with the Prime Minister being the ultimate decider (for lack of a better term). In terms of ethnicity, most of the population is from the FSA (Federal States of Archanta). The rest are made of of Mecynians and other smaller percentages"
2020-01-12 AYMII AR101 Refused Bad edit history. User has asked for many territories recently, paid no attention to replies, now asking for an advanced one...
2020-01-11 johnngnky AR050-16 Refused Blue territory areas advised
2020-01-04 MrManny AR909, AR120-33j Approved
2020-01-01 Suki_Linlande AR022c Approved
2019-12-30 mattko AR120-61 Approved
2019-12-30 Le Mathou AR331 Approved AR331 and AR334 merged into AR333
2019-12-26 lightshatterz AR027b Withdrawn Asked for language & culture plans; application withdrawn
2019-12-24 JohnF7 AR041h Approved Primarily Spanish language
2019-12-23 XxdaniX AR041d Approved Primarily Spanish language
2019-12-16 kurtis burdis AR050-07 Refused Don't see any evidence you are interested in making a realistic map - it is not just about playing and fun. Please map in the Blue territories first, and for a continued time
2019-12-16 Lithium AR913, AR054, AR045-03d Approved
2019-12-14 Luziyca AR100a Approved Exchanging AR045-07*
2019-12-10 Milano 111 AR101, AR001b-12 Approved Beginner requesting beginner territory
2019-12-09 iiEarth AR120-72 Approved In return for AR001b-01
2019-12-05 EZstreet AR045-01g Pending Would first need to have more of the current municipalities mapped fuller
2019-12-02 mapenthusiast7 AR120-47, AR050-07, AR120-33j Refused Insufficient mapping in West Massodeya
2019-11-27 Prokika AR041d, AR100b Refused Beginner, need more evidence of mapping
2019-11-28 Vom AR050-14 Refused Beginner with zero edits, advised blue territories
2019-11-26 CaboAzul AR001b-02 Approved Beginner requesting beginner territory
2019-11-25 gadget07 AR054, AR120-33o Approved Beginner, Asian theme notified, suggested Massodeyas instead, Two Rivers County agreed
2019-11-25 Qyrym AR054 Refused Beginner, Asian theme advised, no response
2019-11-21 newnw AR120-33s Approved Beginner requesting beginner territory, user asked to reflect on OGF rules/guidelines
2019-11-20 ThePresident AR050-08 Approved Beginner requesting beginner territory, user asked to reflect on OGF rules/guidelines
2019-11-14 CaesarBiggles AR001b-08 Approved Beginner requesting beginner territory, subject to territory constraints. "develop a town at the mouth of the main river- the one not on the border- and to make the rest of the province into small villages and farmland"
2019-11-14 The Torontarian AR058a, AR017c, AR050-09 Approved Beginner requesting non-beginner territory; alternatives suggested
2019-11-13 Zytik AR045-10b Refused Second territory. "extremely interested in developing a territory like this in which >95% of the landuse would be natural areas in a cold climate, like the Nordic/Black Sea lands in Europe." - redirected toward AR045-09 or -11 instead; opportunity to map in "natural areas in a cold climate" while gaining experience with language
2019-11-13 JoJoBa AR045-10e Approved Second territory. "40% native Inuits (?), 40% Galicians and the rest are mixed, mostly Franquese. With that, the area will be mostly sparse, and there will be one or two cities with more than 50k people. But I will try to keep centers of population small. For cities, I would try to fit it with the Polish style or I might make up something unique. As for the rural areas, I will follow the Greenlandish style of houses. There won't be much farming, so the natural section will be consisted of swamps, bare rocks, woods and grasslands. No highways, maybe a trunk road as a carriageway for the biggest cities, but I think a primary road should be considered the highest. A lot of ferries will be drawn as well. One international airport, and many smaller ones for local areas" - language will be Inuit-based
2019-11-12 nadriko AR045-07d Approved Second territory. "a French-speaking area, which could be a little bit characterized by the proximity of Neusüdengern, at least in toponymic regard. In the real world the Alsace-Lorraine / Elsaß-Lothringen region would a little correspond to that. The settlements as far as it regards smaller villages would therefore be similar to the historical Central European and Central-/Western European village forms (whereby with larger villages the expansion of the respective settlement area would certainly have the character of the settlement type of the 20th century). Nevertheless, chessboard-like streets would hardly occur. These are with reference to the 20th century neither typical for France nor for Germany. In this respect, the forms of settlement would clearly differ from those in Neusüdengern, where an Eastern European or European-Siberian type predominates. As in Alsace-Lorraine, in the AR045-07d area there would also be medium-sized settlements along the river valleys, which would be characterised by industrial plants. The landscape itself would be rather hilly without high mountain peaks. "Megacities" with subway lines would not exist. Overall, it could be a region of transition from Neusüdengern to the state of AR045. The place names and street names would be in French throughout. Bilingual designations could also occur in the border region to the Hauptkommandantur Leisernbergland"
2019-11-06 DaveMaps9876 AR120-73, for TA022b Refused Mapping ability not enough for complete FSA state, feedback & alternatives suggested
2019-11-06 nichelyo AR052a Refused Refused, too big for mapping ability
2019-11-02 HugoGamer34346 AR020a Approved Territory plan submitted, working on more details
2019-11-01 ifgus AR120-02, AR120-24 Approved Second territory
2019-11-01 histor Merge AR120-02 into AR120-03 Approved Combine two very small states
2019-11-01 Stvalintinus AR011, AR002, AR017, AR910 Refused Ignoring territory request procedure, flooding admin inbox, beginner mapping level cannot support an application for any of the territories requested
2019-10-29 James_Hetfield AR050-11 Approved Beginner territory
2019-10-27 Mapping Expert AR120-16 Approved AR058 released
2019-10-27 XxdaniX AR915 Refused New user, non-beginner territory, rule breaking
2019-10-25 can25agac AR910, AR050-10 Approved
2019-10-23 Mike's World AR101, AR001b-09 Approved Additional small territory, subject to language & project constraints
2019-10-22 Task-80 AR120-33k Approved
2019-10-21 Chickenwaddle77 AR027d, AR050-03 Approved with concerns Poor patience, editing before assignment
2019-10-20 The Mapper AR050-09 Refused Wants to move from AR050-04 to AR050-09; no recent edits; likely refused without good reason given
2019-10-19 jbobinman AR120-35, AR120-33a Approved AR107 released
2019-10-19 davisonwonghk AR036, AR914 Approved "a Japanese-like and Hong Kong-like mixed culture. I will make more railway line to link to those main cities. I will set Tarrion as the capital city of our country. Also, in terms of languages, we mainly write in Traditional Chinese, English and Japanese"
2019-10-17 The Torontarian AR052a Rejected Edits in unowned territory
2019-10-14 tea AR041d Rejected No edits, currently i am not assigning beginner territories "no questions asked"
2019-10-12 AustinofOketia AR904 Rejected Looking to move from AR027a; mapping not advanced enough
2019-10-11 Calcare AR020a, AR017 Pending "an Italian based country with mountains in the middle of the country with major metropolis' along the coastline and inland. Since it is a tropical region I will be sure to include vast forests and mining activities throughout";

User assigned two 10x10km squares to demonstrate suitable urban and rural mapping.

2019-10-10 Duncan AR032e Approved In return for AR042b
2019-10-05 nichelyo AR050-14, AR120-16, AR120-33c Approved User blocked for 24hrs for editing in green territories, multiple requests with no patience. Massodeyas county approved.
2019-10-01 forkymapper AR001b-03 Approved In return for AR050-03
2019-09-30 gannman AR022 Approved In return for AR051
2019-09-28 Lorenzo49 AR032a Approved In return for AR042e
2019-09-27 arberia AR027c Approved Needs continual development
2019-09-26 Knallersims AR016 Approved German language, proposal on msg 38006
2019-09-26 mapenthusiast7 AR120-82 AR120-33d Approved, with conditions Collab county
2019-09-24 niski AR046d AR120-62 Approved
2019-09-22 Mike's World AR059c, extension into AR059d Rejected User looking to extend territory, however big chunks of the country blank, and the considerable urban area is only mapped to a medium level. Proposed territory owned.
2019-09-18 Predruska AR102a Approved Downsizing from UL160
2019-09-17 shinygreenespeon AR042d Approved Beginner application, approved "no questions asked", with suggestions
2019-09-10 MultiDavid2001b AR001b-12 Rejected Requesting second territory, however current largely empty, poorly mapped with multiple issues and incompatible language
2019-09-10 Πατριώτης AR919 Rejected Beginner requesting non-beginner territory, no plan, incompatible language
2019-09-07 oof boi AR120-33h Approved Collab county
2019-09-07 Not Anyone AR120-56 Withdrawn
2019-09-07 nadriko AR056c Approved Extend territory (merge AR056h into AR056c)
2019-09-06 Legendardisch AR120-33i Approved Collab county
2019-09-05 Hilsonbergman Exchange AN123 for AR907 Approved
2019-09-03 ZyrellfromJB Exchange AR102a for AR120-37 Approved
2019-09-03 anli5005 AR041g Approved Beginner application, approved "no questions asked", with suggestions
2019-08-30 Rayx AR001b-07 Approved Beginner application, approved "no questions asked" subject to collaborative terms
2019-08-30 ev3commander AR022d Approved Beginner application, approved "no questions asked"
2019-08-28 iiEarth AR001b-01 Approved Relinquishing AR120-16
2019-08-27 David F AR922 Timeout Require plan and example edits
2019-08-27 King Timothy I AR046e AR041h Approved Beginner application, approved "no questions asked"
2019-08-27 davisonwonghk AR001b-07 Timeout
2019-08-25 James69UK AR909 Rejected User requesting second territory, without plan; advanced territory
2019-08-24 oneofbeatlefan AR003 into AR062 Approved User requesting extended territory, with plan; keeping AR003 for overall territory
2019-08-24 Arlo AR041b Approved Swap AR041h for AR041b - increased collaboration next to known user
2019-08-21 DudeMap555 AR120-33b Approved Beginner(ish) application, approved "no questions asked"

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