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This page is for managing territories in North Archanta and South Archanta. Applications will be listed here, along with current status. All applications must be made following the procedure at OGF:Admin regions.

Date User Territory Status Notes
2019-10-10 Duncan AR032e Approved In return for AR042b
2019-10-05 nichelyo AR050-14, AR120-16, AR120-33c Approved User blocked for 24hrs for editing in green territories, multiple requests with no patience. Massodeyas county approved.
2019-10-01 forkymapper AR001b-03 Approved In return for AR050-03
2019-09-30 gannman AR022 Approved In return for AR051
2019-09-28 Lorenzo49 AR032a Approved In return for AR042e
2019-09-27 arberia AR027c Approved Needs continual development
2019-09-26 Knallersims AR016 Approved German language, proposal on msg 38006
2019-09-26 mapenthusiast7 AR120-82 AR120-33d Approved, with conditions Collab county
2019-09-24 niski AR046d AR120-62 Approved
2019-09-22 Mike's World AR059c, extension into AR059d Rejected User looking to extend territory, however big chunks of the country blank, and the considerable urban area is only mapped to a medium level. Proposed territory owned.
2019-09-18 Predruska AR102a Approved Downsizing from UL160
2019-09-17 shinygreenespeon AR042d Approved Beginner application, approved "no questions asked", with suggestions
2019-09-10 MultiDavid2001b AR001b-12 Rejected Requesting second territory, however current largely empty, poorly mapped with multiple issues and incompatible language
2019-09-10 Πατριώτης AR919 Rejected Beginner requesting non-beginner territory, no plan, incompatible language
2019-09-07 oof boi AR120-33h Approved Collab county
2019-09-07 Not Anyone AR120-56 Withdrawn
2019-09-07 nadriko AR056c Approved Extend territory (merge AR056h into AR056c)
2019-09-06 Legendardisch AR120-33i Approved Collab county
2019-09-05 Hilsonbergman Exchange AN123 for AR907 Approved
2019-09-03 ZyrellfromJB Exchange AR102a for AR120-37 Approved
2019-09-03 anli5005 AR041g Approved Beginner application, approved "no questions asked", with suggestions
2019-08-30 Rayx AR001b-07 Approved Beginner application, approved "no questions asked" subject to collaborative terms
2019-08-30 ev3commander AR022d Approved Beginner application, approved "no questions asked"
2019-08-28 iiEarth AR001b-01 Approved Relinquishing AR120-16
2019-08-27 David F AR922 Pending Require plan and example edits
2019-08-27 King Timothy I AR046e AR041h Approved Beginner application, approved "no questions asked"
2019-08-27 davisonwonghk AR001b-07 Pending
2019-08-25 James69UK AR909 Rejected User requesting second territory, without plan; advanced territory
2019-08-24 oneofbeatlefan AR003 into AR062 Approved User requesting extended territory, with plan; keeping AR003 for overall territory
2019-08-24 Arlo AR041b Approved Swap AR041h for AR041b - increased collaboration next to known user
2019-08-21 DudeMap555 AR120-33b Approved Beginner(ish) application, approved "no questions asked"

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