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Caldwell County is the most populous county in the state of West Massodeya.


A map of Caldwell County's subareas

Caldwell County is divided into 12 subareas. Subareas 3-12 will be available for users to adopt at the launch of this project, while Subareas 1-2 (Caldwell City and the Caldwell City metro area) will be reserved for the time being. Subareas 3-12 will be rural in character, and as such should have low population. The same rules listed at OGF:Federal States/Collaborative States/Massodeya and OGF:Federal States/Collaborative States/Massodeya/West Massodeya will apply here as well.

List of subareas

Subarea Number Name Map Availability Notes
1 Caldwell City Map Unavailable Reserved for community development of Caldwell City.
2 N/A Map Unavailable Reserved for community development of Caldwell City's suburbs.
3 N/A Map Available
4 Admont Township Map Unavailable Owned by CharlieG
5 N/A Map Available
6 N/A Map Available
7 N/A Map Available
8 N/A Map Available
9 N/A Map Available
10 N/A Map Unavailable Owned by forkymapper
11 N/A Map Available
12 N/A Map Available


To join the Caldwell County project, message yoyo21 on OGF with your subarea choice. If you have 2 months of OGF experience and at least decent mapping quality, I will almost surely give you a subarea. Mappers who currently own Massodeya counties already will be barred from owning a subarea, but may participate in the Caldwell City project.

Caldwell City area collaboration

Subareas 1 and 2 are currently reserved for community creation of Caldwell City and its suburbs. Caldwell City will have a population of somewhere near 125,000, and Subarea 2 will have a population of near 75,000. The Caldwell City project will be organized in a way that many users will be able to map in the area. I am also searching for an additional coordinator to help organize the project. There is currently no timetable as to when this project will open, but please tell me (yoyo21) if you are interested.