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Plan of Walkegan
The state of Walkegan is a closed-collaborative state located between Minnonigan, Seneppi, Aquilia, and AR120-52 in the West Lakes portion of the Federal States. (Walkegan also shares a border with Wychelle, but without a direct land connection.) The state is very loosely based on the U.S. state of Indiana, with a mix of industrial, suburban, and natural land uses along the shore of Lake Sauganash while much of the rest of the state is largely agricultural with a few smaller cities located along rivers and transportation corridors, as well as a larger city located along the river border with AR120-52. The topography is mostly flat throughout the state.


The coordinators of the Walkegan collaborative are Ernestpcosby and TheMayor. As a closed collaborative, all requests to map in Walkegan must go through the coordinators.


Walkegan is mapped in a contemporary style (i.e., non-historic mapping). Unique to the Walkegan collaborative is the land allocation process: the state is divided into townships, which are each 36 square miles (6 miles x 6 miles); interested mappers can request contiguous groups of townships to develop and map. Larger urban areas and other areas of importance are intended to be collaborative, where multiple mappers can work together to create Walkegan's cities.

The state is divided into four phases of development, which will open over time based on interest and neighboring states.

  • Phase 1, the southwest quadrant of the state, is opening first. This quadrant includes a variety of context areas including:
  • the mid-size City of Miller (T16S R10W and surroundings);
  • the "Big Island" natural area (T15S R13W and surroundings);
  • commuter and industrial suburbs of Lake City;
  • commuter and industrial suburbs of Gramercy;
  • rural agricultural areas; and
  • the small capital city of Finch Hill (T01S R07W).
  • Phase 2a is located in the southeastern quadrant of the state and is expected to open after Phase 1. Phase 2a includes the mid-size city of Pike and commuter/industrial suburbs of Wallawaukee, as well as more agricultural areas.
  • Phase 2b is located in the northwestern quadrant of the state, which includes the mid-size city of Gleason, agricultural areas, and some of what's likely the state's only hilly terrain along the Aquilia border. Note: Phase 2b may open before Phase 2a based on development patterns and continued vacancy of AR120-52.
  • Phase 3 is expected to be the final portion of the state to open to mapping, including a new large city and what's tentatively expected to be a decaying "rust belt" industrial corridor along the river border with AR120-52. Phase 3 plans will be finalized in coordination with any future owner of AR120-52 before opening.


Available Townships

Please contact Ernestpcosby or TheMayor before editing in any townships, including collaboratives. Note that townships marked with an asterisk are not a full 36 square miles. Mappers are encouraged to request up to 9 contiguous townships which can be used to create a county. While township boundaries can (and should) be changed to reflect natural features such as rivers and streams, please do not move or delete any parts of the existing survey grid.

Key to colors:

  • Orange: available, flexible primary land use
  • Green: available, rural (average township population < 25,000)
  • Yellow: available, suburban
  • Blue: available, urban/industrial
  • Purple: collaborative, urban/suburban
  • Pink: collaborative, rural/natural
  • Light Gray: claimed or unavailable
  • Dark Gray: out of state/no land
Phase 1 Townships (Southwest Quadrant)
R14W R13W R12W R11W R10W R09W R08W R07W R06W R05W R04W R03W R02W R01W
T01S T01S R14W* T01S R13W T01S R12W T01S R11W T01S R10W T01S R09W T01S R08W T01S R07W T01S R06W T01S R05W T01S R04W T01S R03W T01S R02W T01S R01W
T02S T02S R14W* T02S R13W T02S R12W T02S R11W T02S R10W T02S R09W T02S R08W T02S R07W T02S R06W T02S R05W T02S R04W T02S R03W T02S R02W T02S R01W
T03S T03S R14W* T03S R13W T03S R12W T03S R11W T03S R10W T03S R09W T03S R08W T03S R07W T03S R06W T03S R05W T03S R04W T03S R03W T03S R02W T03S R01W
T04S T04S R14W* T04S R13W T04S R12W T04S R11W T04S R10W T04S R09W T04S R08W T04S R07W T04S R06W T04S R05W T04S R04W T04S R03W T04S R02W T04S R01W
T05S T05S R14W* T05S R13W T05S R12W T05S R11W T05S R10W T05S R09W T05S R08W T05S R07W T05S R06W T05S R05W T05S R04W T05S R03W T05S R02W T05S R01W
T06S T06S R14W* T06S R13W T06S R12W T06S R11W T06S R10W T06S R09W T06S R08W T06S R07W T06S R06W T06S R05W T06S R04W T06S R03W T06S R02W T06S R01W
T07S T07S R14W* T07S R13W T07S R12W T07S R11W T07S R10W T07S R09W T07S R08W T07S R07W T07S R06W T07S R05W T07S R04W T07S R03W T07S R02W T07S R01W
T08S T08S R14W* T08S R13W T08S R12W T08S R11W T08S R10W T08S R09W T08S R08W T08S R07W T08S R06W T08S R05W T08S R04W T08S R03W T08S R02W T08S R01W
T09S T09S R14W* T09S R13W T09S R12W T09S R11W T09S R10W T09S R09W T09S R08W T09S R07W T09S R06W T09S R05W T09S R04W T09S R03W T09S R02W T09S R01W
T10S T10S R14W* T10S R13W T10S R12W T10S R11W T10S R10W T10S R09W T10S R08W T10S R07W T10S R06W T10S R05W T10S R04W T10S R03W T10S R02W T10S R01W
T11S T11S R14W T11S R13W T11S R12W T11S R11W T11S R10W T11S R09W T11S R08W T11S R07W T11S R06W T11S R05W* T11S R04W* T11S R03W* T11S R02W* T11S R02W*
T12S T12S R14W T12S R13W T12S R12W T12S R11W T12S R10W T12S R09W T12S R08W T12S R07W T12S R06W* T12S R05W* T12S R04W*
T13S T13S R14W T13S R13W T13S R12W T13S R11W T13S R10W T13S R09W T13S R08W T13S R07W T13S R06W*
T14S T14S R14W T14S R13W T14S R12W T14S R11W T14S R10W T14S R09W T14S R08W T14S R07W T14S R06W*
T15S T15S R14W T15S R13W T15S R12W T15S R11W T15S R10W T15S R09W T15S R08W T15S R07W T15S R06W*
T16S T16S R13W T16S R12W T16S R11W T16S R10W T16S R09W T16S R08W T16S R07W*
T17S T17S R10W T17S R09W T17S R08W T17S R07W*
T18S T18S R08W T18S R07W*

Claimed Townships

Phase 1 Counties (Southwest Quadrant)
County Name Townships Mapper Notes
Waltaint County T17S R09W, T17S R08W, T17S R07W, T18S R08W, T18S R07W User:Lithium
Christopher County T08S R14W, T08S R13W, T08S R12W, T09S R14W, T09S R13W, T09S R12W, T10S R14W, T10S R13W, T10S R12W User:infinatious Lake City suburbs and exurbs, agricultural area

Collaborative Areas

We are currently seeking suggestions and plans for the three Phase I collaborative areas: the state capital of Finch Hill; the Miller area; and the big island in Lake Sauganash. We welcome plans from any mapper, not just existing Walkegan (or even existing FSA) mappers. The Walkegan coordinators reserve the right to select a submitted plan with or without additional input from the OGF community.

Finch Hill


The Island

Perhaps influences fromthese islands? --Lithium (talk) 17:18, 14 July 2020 (CEST)