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This page is intended to be a one-stop portal for all mappers of the Federal States. This page is maintained by the FSA Project Coordinator, although all FSA mappers are welcome to edit as needed.

State Directory

National Map

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Open Collaboratives

Open Collaboratives are open to all OGF mappers, with the following constraints:

  • All mappers are encouraged to check the existing state plans before editing to ensure new mapping complies with the overall vision for the state.
  • Motorways, railways, and major waterways should not be altered, except to add more detail.
  • New cities with a population larger than 100,000 are not permitted. New cities with a population larger than 50,000 must be approved by a state coordinator first.
  • Coordinators may revert edits of non-conforming changes.
OGF-ID State Collaboration Information Coordinators Status
AR120-32 East Massodeya This state is reserved for a future Open Collaborative project.
AR120-31 Unknown Flag.png Michisaukee OGF:Federal States/Collaborative States/Michisaukee User:Yoyo21, User:Rhiney boi, User:AnimationSky, User:Lithium Open To All

Guided Collaboratives

Guided Collaboratives are official FSA collaborative projects, most of which date back to the FSA's launch and are intended to showcase the best collaborative mapping in the nation. Coordinators oversee the planning and mapping of each Guided Collaborative state, although some decisions may be considered national issues decided by the FSA community as a whole. New mappers must contact state coordinators before mapping in these states.

OGF-ID State Collaboration Information Coordinators Status
AR120-01 Unknown Flag.png Huntington OGF:Federal States/Collaborative States/Huntington histor, Ernestpcosby This territory is currently accepting new mappers. Contact Ernestpcosby or histor.
AR120-11 NCflag.png New Carnaby OGF:Federal States/Collaborative States/New Carnaby Easky30, yoyo21 This state is currently accepting new mappers. Visit OGF:Federal States/Collaborative States/New Carnaby for more information.
AR120-33 Flag of West Massodeya design.png West Massodeya West Massodeya Project Alessa This state is currently accepting new mappers. Contact Alessa for more information.
AR120-84 Unknown Flag.png Cosperica OGF:Federal States/Collaborative States/Cosperica wangi, oneofbeatlefan This state is currently accepting new mappers. Visit OGF:Federal States/Collaborative States/Cosperica.
AR120-91 Proposal astrasia1.jpg Alormen OGF:Federal States/Collaborative States/Alormen ruadh, newflanders This state is currently accepting new mappers. Contact ruadh or newflanders.
AR335 Arecales OGF:Federal States/Overseas Territories/AR335 Brunanter This territory is currently accepting new mappers. Contact Brunanter.

Closed Collaboratives

Closed Collaboratives are private FSA collaborative projects that are fully organized, planned, and mapped by two or more mappers, with (applicant state) or without (partnership state) the opportunity for other mappers to potentially join the project. In Applicant States, new mappers must apply to map in the state and may be approved or denied by the state's coordinators.

OGF-ID State Collaboration Information Coordinators Status
AR120-19 DI flag.png Delenshire Islands Talk:Delenshire Islands Whateversusan This is an applicant state and mappers may request permission to join the Delenshire Islands. Contact whateversusan.
AR120-25 Eustacia OGF:Federal States/Collaborative States/Eustacia Infrarrojo, Fluffr_Nuttr This is an applicant state and mappers may request permission to join Eustacia. Visit OGF:Federal States/Collaborative States/Eustacia for more information.
AR120-43 Mennowa n/a Leowezy, Alessa This is a partnership state and is not open to new mappers.
AR120-57 DrapeauNI.svg Nishowigan n/a Trombonist2003, CartographerKing This is a partnership state and is not open to new mappers.
AR120-15 PA flag.png Passamaqueets n/a Zytik, htx, yoyo21 This is a partnership state and is not open to new mappers.
AR120-54 Seneppi State Flag2.png Seneppi OGF:Federal States/Collaborative States/Seneppi Ernestpcosby, TheMayor This is an applicant state and mappers may request permission to join Seneppi. Contact Ernestpcosby or TheMayor.
AR120-45 Tennewaflag-final-01.png Tennewa n/a JoJoBa, oneofbeatlefan This is a partnership state and is not open to new mappers.


Non-Collaboratives are private FSA states held by an individual owner. While these owners are fully expected to collaborate with neighboring states and with the FSA community as a whole, these states are generally mapped exclusively by its sole owner.

OGF-ID State State Plans Owner Updates
AR120-72 Flag of Apawiland.png Apawiland Wiki: User:IiEarth
OGF: iiEarth
Development of Silverdale in the 1800s, rural mapping nearby.
AR120-07 Arghenna Flag.png Arghenna Wiki: User:Fluffr_Nuttr
OGF: Fluffr_Nuttr
Setting down statewide topography and hydrology, developing Dunchurch Metro
AR120-46 AquiliaFlag.svg Aquilia Wiki: User:Infrarrojo
OGF: Infrarrojo
AR120-17 AR120-17 Astrantia flag 1a.png Astrantia Wiki: User:Marcello
OGF: Marcello
AR120-82 Unknown Flag.png Atascadera Wiki: User:Davieerr
OGF: Davieerr
AR120-83 Flag of Belirias.svg Belirias Wiki: User:Johnny
OGF: Johnny
AR120-76 FlagofClamash.png Clamash Wiki: User:Glauber
OGF: Glauber
AR120-87 Unknown Flag.png Costa Dorada Wiki: User:GeoKyle
OGF: GeoKyle
AR120-12 Flag of culpepper.png Culpepper Wiki: User:whateversusan
OGF: whateversusan
Working on the suburbs of Hearthsbridge.
AR120-23 EYflag.png Elway Wiki: User:BMSOUZA
AR120-18 FellshireFlag.png Fellshire Wiki: User:Yoyo21
OGF: yoyo21
Working on Otisport.
AR120-08 Unknown Flag.png Gilliad Wiki: User:Jarrodcamo
OGF: Jarrodcamo
AR120-34 GnaereyTerritoryFlag.svg Gnaerey Wiki: User:Toadwart
OGF: Toadwart
AR120-24 Flag of Laine.png Laine Wiki: User:Ifgus
OGF: ifgus
AR120-58 Luciano Flag Makaska 01.png Makaska Wiki: User:Luciano
OGF: Luciano
A focused "historical approach" for Ohunkagan region. The idea: only map things up to "1880 snapshot": basic landuse (towns, agriculture, forests) for four parishes (counties): La Porte, Swift, Iyotanhaha, Elizabeth. Currently ~40% complete. State ~90% complete on topo/hydrology.
AR120-55 Minnonigan Flag.png Minnonigan Wiki: User:TheMayor
OGF: TheMayor
Rural roadway and railway mapping in upstate Minnonigan.
UL05l Nahuwa Atoll Wiki: User:wangi
OGF: wangi
Overseas territory
AR120-36 Nipewaflag.jpg Nipewa Wiki: User:plainoldbread
OGF: plainoldbread
AR120-03 Oakhillflag.png Oakhill Wiki: User:histor
OGF: histor
The town of Aerwinya
AR120-13 Template:Oakley Wiki: User:Katraiba Republic
OGF: Katraiba Republic
AR120-52 Ar120SampleFlag014.png Oronotia Wiki: User:AnimationSky
OGF: AnimationSky
AR120-42 Osaquoya-flag3.png Osaquoya Wiki: David F
OGF: David F
AR120-09 PenquissetStateFlag.png Penquisset Wiki: User:Zytik
OGF: Zytik
Current Active Projects:
AR120-71 Riopoderos flag.png Riopoderos Wiki: User:Geoc3ladus
OGF: Geoc3ladus
AR120-75 Flag of Sierra.png Sierra Wiki: User:Brunanter
OGF: Brunanter
AR120-81 FLAGTAU.png Tauhon Wiki: User:htx
OGF: htx
AR120-92 Unknown Flag.png Tejoma Wiki: User:elindio23
OGF: elindio23
AR120-86 Tempache flag.png Tempache Wiki: User:Infinatious
OGF: infinatious
AR120-14 Template:Thermond Wiki: User:Drogda
OGF: Drogda
AR120-16 AR120-Option17-flag.png Trinity Island Wiki: User:Mapping Expert
OGF: Mapping Expert
AR120-47 WahaujaFlag.png Wahauja Wiki: User:Rhiney boi
OGF: Rhiney boi
AR120-44 Zakahigan Wiki: User:ItsTybear
OGF: ItsTybear

Inactive and Vacant States

To request a vacant state, mappers should follow the standard OGF:Territory assignment process.

OGF-ID State Feature Committee(s) Notes
AR120-04 none Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-06 none Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-10 none Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-21 none Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-22 none Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-26 Mountain Range B Reserved, future project
AR120-27 Mountain Range B Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-28 Mountain Range B Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-35 River 2, Mountain Range B Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-37 Mountain Range B Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-51 Lake 1, Lake 2 Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-56 Lake 2 Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-59 Lake 2 Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-73 Mountain Range A Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-74 Mountain Range A Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-95 none Overseas territory; Available for experienced mappers.

Action Items

Current Votes

  • No current votes

Current Initiatives

Recent FSA News

  • 2021-02-05: yoyo21 named next FSA Coordinator
  • Following the results of the primary and general ballots, the OGF admin team has named yoyo21 as the next FSA Coordinator. yoyo21 will take over from TheMayor on 15 Feb 2021.

Project Coordinator's Message

  • Hello, FSA community! I apologize for not posting here earlier, but as wiki appears to finally be loading again, I would like to introduce myself as FSA coordinator. That's it for now, but more updates to come soon. --Yoyo21 (talk) 18:07, 23 March 2021 (CET)

About the Project

The Federal States of Archanta is a unique project within the OpenGeofiction community. The FSA is a single nation comprised of 62 states (and a few territories) mapped in a North American style. Within OGF, states are allocated similar to other nations; however, each stateowner is responsible for collaborating closely with neighbors and articipating in national discussions and initiatives to guide the overall mapping development of the nation.

FSA Leadership

Current Coordinator

The current FSA Coordinator is yoyo21, as of 15 Feb 2021. Previous project coordinators include TheMayor (2019-2021) and Luciano (2018-2019).

About the Role

The FSA Project Coordinator is officially chosen by the OGF admin team, who retains full control over the role and may select or replace a project coordinator as they see fit. The FSA Coordinator is also accountable to the FSA community via regular six-month votes of confidence among FSA stateowners. These votes of confidence (VOCs) operate as follows:

  • If the FSA Coordinator receives a supermajority (75% or more) vote of confidence from stateowners, the FSA Coordinator is automatically recommended to be retained for the next six month "term".
  • If the FSA Coordinator receives a majority, but not a supermajority (50%-75%) vote of confidence from stateowners, additional candidates for the role will be encouraged to submit their intent to succeed the current FSA Coordinator.
  • If the FSA Coordinator does not have a majority vote of confidence from the FSA community, the FSA Coordinator is encouraged to step down and have the OGF admin team select a new project coordinator.

Votes of confidence occur in February and August of each year.

Vacancy Procedures

The OGF admin team retains the right to place or remove an FSA Coordinator at any time as they see fit. In the event of a vacancy, the following procedure is recommended:

  • Current mappers who are interested in being considered for FSA Coordinator are given a questionnaire to fill out, which gets published on the OGF:Federal States/Dashboard wiki page.
  • After all the applicants have completed the questionnaire and the answers have been posted for a sufficient amount of time for FSA stateowners to review, a primary ballot is started. On the primary ballot, each candidate is subject to a vote of confidence from FSA stateowners to determine if they should be considered for the role. Like other FSA Coordinator votes of confidence, each candidate must receive a supermajority of 75% or more of the ballots cast to be considered a nominee.
  • Following the primary ballot, candidates who have met the confidence vote threshhold are placed on a general ballot to determine the FSA community's recommendation for the next FSA Coordinator. (If fewer than two candidates qualify for the general ballot, this step can be skipped.)
  • With the final results, the OGF admin for Archanta (wangi) is notified of the results of the ballots and is tasked with selecting the next FSA Coordinator. It is possible that there will not be a consensus FSA community recommendation. Selecting the next FSA Coordinator is exclusively the responsibility of the OGF admin team.

Rights and Responsibilities of FSA Mappers

The following is an overview of the expectations of mappers in the FSA, and basic information about the FSA's organizational structure.

  1. The AR120 project, also known as the Federal States of Archanta, is an American-style country that is also one of the OGF community's largest collaborative mapping projects. All mappers of any skill level are welcome and encouraged to participate.
  2. State owners have additional responsibilities above and beyond collaborative participants. The right to own a state is not absolute and can be revoked with just cause by the OGF admin team.
  3. As part of this collaborative nation, state owners are expected to participate actively; maintain the national cohesion of the country; and coordinate with neighboring state owners on interstate issues.
  4. Matters of national importance are determined by discussion and consensus of the various state owners in the AR120 forum. In these discussions, each mapper is treated fairly and equally, and each mapper is able to have their opinion heard, respected, and considered; however, all mappers are expected to abide by the final consensus.
  5. The FSA Coordinator is responsible for organizing and maintaining these discussions and helps to build consensus on national issues. As a state owner, the coordinator is able to express his or her opinion in discussions and is expected to facilitate consensus-building exercises, but is not able to unilaterally veto or approve any recommendations without a consensus among the other state owners. The FSA Coordinator is not a member of the OGF admin team and is subject to a Vote of Confidence among the mappers of the FSA every six months.
  6. All state owners are expected to adhere to these rights and responsibilities, in addition to the standard OGF community rules. Ownership of a state can be revoked by the OGF admin team at any time for just cause.
  7. All matters of state ownership, including adoption and expulsion procedures, are exclusively the responsibility of the OGF admin team. The admin team is not bound by the rights and responsibilities included in this list.
  8. When a new mapper takes ownership of a state that was previously mapped, all existing mapping that the mapper does not wish to retain must be offered for adoption and relocation by other mappers before being deleted. Some mapped areas may be deemed areas of national interest whose alteration or removal may be restricted or prohibited.
  9. All mapping is expected to be in a realistic North American style, predominantly mapped in Ingerish (English). Areas with historic influences may be mapped in indigenous or other colonial languages.
  10. The sovereignty of each state mapper is an essential part of this unique national collaborative. Any mapping that otherwise complies with the above rights and responsibilities is encouraged and should be protected from any outside interference.

Turnover Procedure and Green State Etiquette

For various reasons, occasionally a state may "turnover" and revert from an owned state to a vacant state. As the FSA is a unique large collaborative project, there are additional guidelines for dealing with mapping from previous stateowners in a vacant state. When a state does become vacant, the following steps occur:

  1. The state will be reviewed to determine if any parts of the existing mapping should be considered areas of national interest that the next mapper will be required to maintain in some way. "Areas of national interest" include, but are not limited to, major map features that have a direct impact on other states or the FSA's history as a whole (large cities, military facilities, significant topography, etc.) and areas that are mapped in detail and high quality.
  2. If the mapper vacates a state while in good standing (generally meaning not due to inactivity or an admin team eviction decision), the vacated mapper may be permitted to take some of their mapping with them to their new state or territory. Areas of national interest will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
  3. While the state is vacant, existing mapping will remain and is not to be edited or changed by any mapper; however, per the agreed-upon rail company framework, new interstate railways can be mapped in states with pre-existing railway infrastructure. Vacant states with little or no existing development should remain a "blank slate" for the next mapper.
  4. When a new stateowner has been identified, they are permitted to keep any and all existing mapping and are generally welcome to add, edit, change, or delete existing mapping as they see fit, except any previously identified areas of national interest. New stateowners should consult with neighboring states and the FSA community as a whole before significantly changing interstate facilities such as motorways and railways.
  5. If the new stateowner chooses to do any large-scale deletion of mapped features, the new stateowner is required to offer said mapping to other FSA stateowners before final deletion, preferably via the FSA forum. Adopted mapping is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. If no mappers wish to claim the affected areas within a reasonable amount of time (a week is recommended, but no less than three days), the mapping can be deleted.

Mappers who are interested in requesting a vacant state are welcome and encouraged to directly contact the FSA Coordinator for more information and recommendations before officially submitting a request to the OGF admin team.

FSA on the Wiki

About Us

  • Federal States - Official wiki page for the Federal States of Archanta. State-owners should make sure the information regarding their state is correct.
  • OGF:Federal States - Information for mappers who would like to get involved in the FSA project.
  • OGF:Federal States/State profiles - Information about each state, from each state's owner(s).


Natural Environment




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