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This page is intended to be a one-stop portal for all mappers of the Federal States. This page is maintained by the FSA Project Coordinator, although all FSA mappers are welcome to edit as needed.

Action Items

Current Votes

  • No current votes.

Current Initiatives

  • No closing date: FSA Government Structure Discussion (more information on the forum)
  • No closing date: FSA Transportation Coordinator Inter-State Coordinator Wanted (more information on the forum)
  • No closing date: Additional Cosperica Coordinator Wanted - contact wangi if interested

Recent FSA News

  • 2019-12-05: Additional Cosperica Coordinator Wanted
  • An additional coordinator is needed for the Cosperica collaborative state. If you are interested, please message wangi in OGF.
  • 2019-11-07: FSA Leadership Update
  • Congratulations to yoyo21 on being appointed FSA Documentation Coordinator and for volunteering to help sort through and polish up the FSA wiki presence. TheMayor currently is accepting applications for the FSA Inter-State Coordinator position.

FSA Leadership

  • FSA Project Coordinator: TheMayor
  • FSA Documentation Coordinator: Yoyo21
  • FSA Inter-State Coordinator: vacant

Project Coordinator's Message

Looking to get more involved in the FSA? We're always looking for more beginning mappers in the Massodeyas, but we also have coordinator positions open! Contact TheMayor if you're interested in the FSA Inter-State Coordinator position, or contact wangi if interested in becoming the second Cosperica coordinator. -TheMayor (talk) 21:57, 5 December 2019 (CET)

State Directories

Collaborative State Directory

State Information Collaboration Information Coordinators Mappers Updates Date
Proposal astrasia1.jpg Alormen OGF:Federal States/Collaborative States/Alormen ruadh, newflanders Yoyo21, Luziyca, Y Knott, Portopolis, BMSOUZA, TBMap
Unknown Flag.png Cosperica OGF:Federal States/Collaborative States/Cosperica wangi, VACANT
Unknown Flag.png Huntington OGF:Federal States/Collaborative States/Huntington histor, Ernestpcosby BMSOUZA, Yoyo21, Whateversusan, Zytik, Stjur, Megacity2005Creator
Unknown Flag.png Mennowa OGF:Federal States/Collaborative States/Mennowa Leowezy, Alessa Aces California Up to 1860s in state growth in the southern panhandle. Continued mapping of early settlements elsewhere. 2019-12-08
NCflag.png New Carnaby OGF:Federal States/Collaborative States/New Carnaby Easky30, BMSOUZA Histor, Zytik, Portopolis, Ruadh, Yoyo21
Unknown Flag.png West Massodeya OGF:Federal States/Collaborative States/Massodeya Yoyo21 See Overview Map Both Phase I and Phase II of West Massodeya are available. 2019-12-07
Unknown Flag.png East Massodeya Coming soon

Stateowner Directory

To avoid overwikification issues, please limit updates to no more than a tweet (280 characters). Note that the "State Information" column links to each state's "in-world" wiki page, while "State Plans" links to personal sandboxes and the OGF:Federal States namespace where mappers can detail their plans for their state.

State Information State Plans Owner(s) Updates Date
Aidlenaide.png Aidlenaide Wiki: User:GregoryLoss
OGF: GregoryLoss
Unknown Flag.png Apawiland Wiki: User:IiEarth
OGF: iiEarth
Development of Silverdale in the 1800s, rural mapping nearby.
ArbenonFlag.png Arbenon Wiki: User:Mattko
OGF: mattko
Arghenna Flag.png Arghenna Wiki: User:Fluffr_Nuttr
OGF: Fluffr_Nuttr
Working on the town of Paskam and surrounding Paskam County
Unknown Flag.png Arlington Wiki: User:Pancake Killer
OGF: Pancake Killer
AR120-17 Astrantia flag 1a.png Astrantia Wiki: User:Marcello
OGF: Marcello
Unknown Flag.png Belirias Wiki: User:Johnny
OGF: Johnny
FlagofBoscainifornio.png Boscainifornio Wiki: User:TBMap
Unknown Flag.png Caroline Wiki: User:Abdy
OGF: Abdy
Flag of culpepper.png Culpepper Wiki: User:whateversusan
OGF: whateversusan
Working on the suburbs of Hearthsbridge. 2020-02-15
HolyFermontFlag.png Fermont Wiki: User:JayPlaysBeamNG
OGF: JayPlaysBeamNG
Unknown Flag.png Gilliad Wiki: User:Jarrodcamo
OGF: Jarrodcamo
Unknown Flag.png Insumah Wiki: User:Dimitrij
OGF: Dimitrij
Flag of Laine.png Laine Wiki: User:Ifgus
OGF: ifgus
noborder Manara Wiki: User:Rhiney boi
OGF: Rhiney boi
Working on water features, city of Monabad present day. 2019-12-22
Luciano Flag Makaska 01.png Makaska Wiki: User:Luciano
OGF: Luciano
A focused "historical approach" for Ohunkagan region. The idea: only map things up to "1880 snapshot": basic landuse (towns, agriculture, forests) for four parishes (counties): La Porte, Swift, Iyotanhaha, Elizabeth. Currently ~40% complete. State ~90% complete on topo/hydrology. 2019-07-15
Minnonigan Flag.png Minnonigan Wiki: User:TheMayor
OGF: TheMayor
New Stone River harbor and FS-20 rerouting through downtown Lake City. 2019-12-28
Flag of natrinia.png Natrinia Wiki: User:TheHolyEpicpenguin
OGF: TheHolyEpicpenguin
I've been mapping all over the place, with a focus on Morsboro's downtown - Check it out here! Secondary focus is on Oakhill-Natrinia border hills, with some planning/mapping of Tilsboro to begin soon.
Flag v2.png Newlynn Wiki: User:PColumbus73
OGF: PColumbus73
Primary focus is on adding farmlands and building up the rural roads and communities across the state.
Nipewaflag.jpg Nipewa Wiki: User:plainoldbread
OGF: plainoldbread
Oakhillflag.png Oakhill Wiki: User:histor
OGF: histor
The town of Aerwinya
Flag Oakley.png Oakley User:Mstr/Sandbox/Federal_States_contributions#Oakley Wiki: User:mstr
OGF: mstr
Ar120SampleFlag014.png Oronotia Wiki: User:Myrcia
OGF: Myrcia
Osaquoya-flag3.png Osaquoya Wiki: User:Poston
OGF: Poston
PA flag.png Passamaqueets Wiki: User:Voivod
OGF: Voivod
SvgFileService (1).svg Penquisset Wiki: User:Zytik
OGF: Zytik
Current Active Projects:
  • Archwick Level 2/3 Detailing Project
  • Marshfield Level 2/3 Detailing Project
  • (Eastern) Warwick Level 3 Detailing Project
  • Completion of PenCross / WTA Mapping
  • Bus Routes Project Phase 1
  • Energy Infrastructure Project Phase 2
  • Cycling Network Project Phase 2
  • Coastlines Project Phase 5
  • Reading Level 2 Detailing Project
  • State Parks Detailing Project Phase 7
  • Unity Cup 2019 Preparation
Seneppi State Flag.jpg Seneppi User:Ernestpcosby/Sandbox/Seneppi Wiki: User:Ernestpcosby
OGF: Ernestpcosby
Using the extra time on the computer to working on details, across the state but especially in the Wallawaukee metro area. Adding detail to streets/subway stops, stores, franchises, etc. Mar 14, 2020
Flag of Sierra.png Sierra Wiki: User:Brunanter
OGF: Brunanter
Unknown Flag.png Suenugan Wiki: User:Matteditfict
OGF: matteditfict
FLAGTAU.png Tauhon Wiki: User:htx
OGF: htx
Unknown Flag.png Taviani Wiki: User:ZyrellfromJB
OGF: ZyrellfromJB
Unknown Flag.png Tejoma Wiki: User:elindio23
OGF: elindio23
Tempache flag.png Tempache Wiki: User:Infinatious
OGF: infinatious
AR120-Option17-flag.png Trinity Island Wiki: User:Mapping Expert
OGF: Mapping Expert
TulpanenFlag.png Tulpanen Wiki: User:yoyo21
OGF: yoyo21
I have been working in detail on Lemmington suburbs such as Wilton and Schwaldia. I am also doing some work on developing the towns of northern Tulpanen. 2019-10-19
TennuckyStateFlag.png Walkegan Wiki: User:oof boi
OGF: oof boi
Kinda working all around the state. Anywhere. 9/28/19
Flag-of-washaukee.png Washaukee Wiki: User:jbobinman
OGF: jbobinman
WhitestoneFlag.png Whitestone Wiki: User:Z11
OGF: Z11
Unknown Flag.png AR120-18 Wiki: User:tom_m7
OGF: tom_m7

Vacant State Directory

If you are not a current FSA member and you're interested in joining the project, you are welcome to request a vacant territory. If you are a beginner mapper, be sure to check out the Massodeya project.

State Region Feature Committee(s) Notes Future Plans
AR120-05 Southeast none Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-18 Southeast none Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-25 Northeast Mountain Range B Not available These states are reserved for future county-based beginner territories.
AR120-26 Northeast Mountain Range B Not available
AR120-28 Northeast Mountain Range B Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-29 Northeast none Not available This state is reserved for future county-based beginner territories.
AR120-31 East Central Mountain Range B Not available This state is reserved for a future semi-open collaborative territory.
AR120-34 East Central River 2 Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-45 West Central River 1 Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-46 West Central River 1, Mountain Range A Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-47 West Central Lake 3, Mountain Range A Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-51 Lakes Lake 1, Lake 2 Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-71 Mountain Mountain Range A Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-73 Mountain Mountain Range A Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-74 Mountain Mountain Range A Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-76 Mountain Mountain Range A Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-82 Far Northwest Mountain Range A Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.
AR120-85 Far Northwest Mountain Range A Not available This state is reserved for an expansion of the Cosperica collaborative.
AR120-87 Far Northwest Mountain Range A Available for intermediate/advanced mappers.

FSA on the Wiki

  • Federal States - Official wiki page for the Federal States of Archanta. State-owners should make sure the information regarding their state is correct.
  • AR120 Forum - Official forum section for Federal States discussions.

Resource Pages

"Fun" Pages

Pages in this category occasionally flirt with OGF:Overwikification, so mappers should not spend too much time on these.

  • OGF:Federal States/Sports - List of sports teams in the FSA. While mappers are welcome to add sporting teams from their state to their list, note that the FSA does not yet have any official sports leagues, and will not organize any sporting leagues until more active mappers have joined the project.