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The National Park System of the Federal States exists to showcase not only important or unique areas of the Federal States, but also to honor high-quality mapping contributions by members of the FSA community. National Parks and other "National" areas are nominated by individual mappers and are voted on by the FSA community every six months.

Nomination Process

FSA stateowners are encouraged to nominate areas of high-quality mapping for consideration in the National Park System. These can be their own work, or the work of other mappers. At this time, there is no limit to the number of nominations each stateowner can produce. The approvals will be included on the biannual FSA Coordinator Vote of Confidence, which is scheduled for February and August of each year.

Nominations must be sent via OGF message to the FSA Coordinator by the last day of the month prior to the biannual election: the next FSA Coordinator Vote of Confidence is in February 2021, which means all nominations for the next vote must be received by 31 January 2021. Nominations must include the location of the site and the requested title of the site, which determines the majority vote needed to be approved. There are two tiers of classification:

  • Tier I sites are the highest-quality and the most prestigious. While there is no minimum or maximum size, to be approved as a Tier I classification the FSA community must vote with a supermajority of at least 75% approval. Tier I classifications are as follows:
  • National Parks are primarily natural spaces;
  • National Historic Sites are primarily developed or man-made spaces; and
  • National Monuments are very unique areas, either natural or man-made.
  • Tier II sites are still high-quality sites, but only require a simple majority vote of over 50% to be approved. Tier II classifications are any other "National" classification, including but not limited to:
  • National Forest, National Prairie, or other natural feature as applicable
  • National Wildlife Refuge
  • National Heritage Area
  • National Battlefield (to be determined once more information about FSA History is determined)
  • National Lakeshore or National Seashore

Prior to approval, these sites may be tagged as "State ______" (or "Regional ______" if the site spans multiple states) as applicable.

If a site is nominated but fails the confirmation vote, the site will be removed from the nominations list and is not eligible to be nominated again until the following voting cycle: for instance, if a site is nominated for the February 2021 vote and is not approved, it cannot be nominated for the August 2021 vote but is eligible for the February 2022 vote.


Following the close of voting, approved nominations will be posted here and those sites will officially become part of the FSA National Park System. Once National Park status has been approved, these sites are to be protected as-is regardless of current or future state ownership: the mapped features of the National Park shall not be changed (except to add additional detail) and the boundaries of the approved site shall not change.

Any expansions would require a second round of nominations for the site as "annexes": for instance, if Sample State Park was approved to become Sample National Park, any additional expansion areas should be nominated as "Sample National Park Annex" and would require a 75% approval on the next ballot before those areas could be officially considered part of Sample National Park.

Areas that are approved for Tier II status can be upgraded and nominated for a Tier I status at the next eligible election.

Approved National Parks

This section will be updated following the February 2021 vote.

Active Nominations

Nominees are welcome to edit the table below as needed once their site is listed, but all initial nomination requests should go through the FSA Coordinator.

Current Name Requested Name Tier Votes needed State(s) Nominated by Location
Heathlands State Park Heathlands National Seashore Tier II 50%+1 Passamaqueets Zytik OGFmapicon.png 41.6641 S, 161.4501 E
Norottuck Watershed Norottuck Watershed National Wildlife Refuge Tier II 50%+1 Passamaqueets Zytik OGFmapicon.png 41.9094 S, 160.931 E
Bronson Park Burton Commerce National Heritage Site Tier II 50%+1 Passamaqueets Zytik OGFmapicon.png 41.99011 S, 161.38197 E
Panelstow Wetlands Nature Reserve Panelstow National Wildlife Refuge Tier II 50%+1 Penquisset Zytik OGFmapicon.png 40.1413 S, 160.339 E
World's End Park Old Whalebury Light National Historic Site Tier I 75% Penquisset Zytik OGFmapicon.png 39.81034 S, 160.31771 E
Penquisset Seashore State Park Penquisset National Seashore Tier II 50%+1 Penquisset Zytik OGFmapicon.png 40.2818 S, 160.5752 E
Hess Valley Hess Valley National Cultural District Tier II 50%+1 Penquisset Zytik OGFmapicon.png 40.1935 S, 160.1614 E
Amiable Island State Park Fort Shutter National Park Tier I 75% Penquisset Zytik OGFmapicon.png 40.2031 S, 159.9125 E
Arghenna Mountains Regional Forest Arghenna Mountains National Forest Tier II 50%+1 Arghenna, Penquisset Zytik OGFmapicon.png 40.2227 S, 158.4016 E
Eladan Culture State Historic Site Eladan Culture National Historic Site Tier I 75% Michisaukee Lithium-Ion OGFmapicon.png 35.2437 S, 157.2762 E
Betaouais State Park Betaouais National Park Tier I 75% Nishowigan Trombonist2003 OGFmapicon.png 43.4426 S, 142.4863 E
Santa Elena Volcanic Park Santa Elena National Volcanic Park Tier I 75% Sierra Brunanter OGFmapicon.png 32.3423 S, 141.4998 E
Pinkani Protected Area Pinkani National Protected Area Tier II 50% Sierra Brunanter OGFmapicon.png 31.7927 S, 140.9884 E
Rucani Natural Reserve Rucani National Preserve Tier II 50% Sierra Brunanter OGFmapicon.png 31.6619 S, 141.2304 E
Shinuteupca Shinuteupca National Historic Site Tier I 75% Sierra Brunanter OGFmapicon.png 32.95598 S, 142.35449 E
Arecales Volcanic Maritime Protected Area Arecales National Volcanic Maritime Protected Area Tier II 50% Arecales Brunanter OGFmapicon.png 9.4558 N, 178.0801 E