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Flag of Ohesia

Ohesia is a country located in northern Antarephia. It consists of a federation composed by some states (many which still don't have a name):

  • Älkomźt / Elkonst
  • Pliźtina Dezomi Transkaźi / Freistaat Transkaas
  • Oǵem / Ochent
  • State 2
  • State 3
  • State 4
  • State 5
  • State 8
  • State 9
  • State 10
  • State 11

This country was an old kalmish colony and its linguistic situation is similar to South Africa. Kalmish is specially spoken in the capital and its surroundings, and a native language (conlang) is spoken in most of the rest of the country. The size of the country is about the size of Belarus.

Who can map

Everybody is invited to map in this collaborative country, specially german people. Regarding the languages that will be used, there is further information down below.

Collaboration Rules


Things you can do at anytime without asking. But be aware that concurrent editing without coordination may result in conflicts. Make sure to know how to resolve them.
  • Map new villages (pop. ~500 - 30 000) and connect them with roads
  • Extend existing villages within a reasonable amount
  • Build tertiary and secondary roads
  • Improve existing villages with buildings and details
  • Add natural features
  • Create inner borders

Things everybody wants to do, but we don't need too many of them or we need coordination. Remember it is not a blue territory
  • Build primary roads
  • Naming major features

Things we just wont allow even if you ask us. Exceptions may still be possible in certain circumstances with a very good reason.
  • Build motorways or trunk roads or any kind of railways
  • Name things you haven't yet mapped
  • Leave untagged nodes/ways or other temporary stuff behind for longer than a few days
  • Use other than kalmish (german) or ohesian (conlang). Real world names are forbidden


Mapa Ohesia.png

There are 2 spoken languages:

  • kalmish (green)
  • conlang (pink)

This map (which will be uploaded soon) is only a stub, and two relations will exist in mapping to make clearer where each language is spoken. The areas must be respected.

About the implemention of the conlang, users have two options: - Mapping in English, and then the names could be translated - Getting in touch with the conlang, which is implemented using an excel file in which all the usefull words are included. (If so, send a message to sude)

The conlang is part of the Antarephian family and it has many commun words with other languages like Lyrian, Holmic or Ohemian.